Spiritual Expansion – Universal Laws of Guidance

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There are three components or aspects which comprise the Laws of Guidance:

*Seek and you shall find

*Ask and it is given

*Knock and the door shall be opened

If this is truth then why, when you have asked, you have sought and you have knocked upon the door nothing appears to happen or at least not every time.

As I understand the Universal or Cosmic Laws of Guidance, it is essential that you go within when requesting guidance.

Have you gone to a friend or co-worker you trusted to guide you only to realize the guidance you received did not resonate or work for you? The reason is that the person you asked may have been coming from their life’s experiences which are filtered to prevent further hurt or disappointment and self-imposed boundaries of protection.

These particular Laws when stated in their entirety are as follows:

*Seek first the Spirit within and you will find

*Ask the Spirit with faith and you will receive

*Knock with faith in Spirit, and the door will be opened

Broken down into bite-size understanding, if you do not come from a place of Oneness, that of being in alignment with Source, there will be more doubt and confusion. If there is any doubt or fear that you will receive the guidance, the answers to your questions, you will not receive with the clarity that you desire. Instead you will only create more doubt, confusion and muddy the waters even more than they were to begin with.

Faith is more than a belief in that which is most often unseen by physical sight or heard with physical ears. Faith is the knowing, the expectation that all is in Divine Order for the receiving of all you have asked.

There is an unending stream of energy that flows within and around you. There is an unending wealth of knowledge and guidance as you walk the path before you in confidence and in the security of knowing that you are indeed following guidance from something that is larger than your ego-Self is capable of understanding.

Begin to align your inner-Self and your physical consciousness by becoming still. Still the thoughts and emotions, quiet your mind and your physical body. If you choose, you can align yourself in a walking meditation listening to the sounds of nature or soothing music.

Go within, ask your questions. Be open to receiving all that you have asked for. When the answers, the messages and the guidance present themselves, knock on the door for the next set of steps to put into action all that you have received.

Within your core essence is all that you will ever need, for within is all the wisdom and the knowledge that is or will ever be needed. The key to receiving is being alignment with Divine Source. Quiet your mind, still your thoughts and your emotions, breathe deeply and allow to flow with grace and ease.

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