Angels – Emmanuel Will Help You Create One Small Change Within


In what way or ways are you holding onto things, emotions or thoughts that no longer resonate within your heart space? What do you think the “cost” is to remain where you are?

The “cost” of remaining in the same space reviewing and re-playing all the situations, the experiences or the loss of something you held close to your heart creates more of the same. It prevents you from truly fulfilling your Life’s Purpose. It prevents you from realizing your dreams and manifesting all you desire to have and be in your life.

Change is not something most humans like or wish to undergo because it requires accepting responsibility, in part, for where you find yourself now in this moment. Change requires taking action, forgiveness and work. Change requires work, it also means that you be willing to step beyond what is currently known, your comfort zone.

The thing is, if you do absolutely nothing to change or shift the energy within you I promise you NOTHING will ever change. You will have new experiences and meet new people for there is no such thing as non-movement.

So then how is it possible that if there is always movement, why does it appear that nothing really changes or truly moves forward for you? Have you noticed that only the faces, the names and possibly even the places change but the experiences, the situations and the outcomes remain the same?

A Message from Angel Emmanuel*

One small change clears the way for change in all ways, in all places.  One small change re-aligns your inner vibration, causing change in the outer, physical realm.  One small change creates a vacuum, allowing that which is desired to be made manifest.  What is before you this moment?  Surround yourself with pleasant thoughts and loving emotions. Travel in your mind to a time of happiness.  For a moment, close your eyes, allow you to feel, see. Listen to and hear the sounds of happiness and joy.  Perhaps you are walking alongside a babbling brook, gazing at billowy white clouds, walking in the rain. Travel in your mind to that place within; breathe deeply releasing all that would tempt you from this place and time. Experience your physical body sigh in contentment in this moment.  When you are ready, open your eyes once again, bringing forth a sense of peacefulness.  Look around you, what do you see?  Do you now see differently?  That which is within is made manifest in the outer physical realm that which is outside of your physical body reflects all that is within your heart and your mind.  Self-transformation begins with one small change.  If you would toss a small pebble into a pond, does that small pebble not create beautiful ripples ever increasing, radiating outward?  Imagine a multi-colored sword of light clearing the way before you.  Imagine the Sword of Light creating safe passage for you along your journey.  Allow you to be transformed in the outer physical realm, allowing you to shine forth in all your beauty.  How shall you choose to create one small change this day? *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

It is simple and yet it is not so simple. Be willing, truly be willing to change one small thing, one emotion, release one pattern of behavior and your energy begins to shift. As your energy begins to shift within, you will, if you are willing to become more aware of what happens around you, notice shifts in the way people interact with you. You will notice how experiences are less negative and more positive. You will notice the many opportunities begin to unfold before you.

There is a word of caution. Do not expect everything to shift in a very dramatic way overnight. Remember you have thought or felt the same things for a period of time. This is not to say that it will require an equal amount of time to complete the shift within and around you.

As with all things, patience, trust, healing and the willingness to remain vigilant and observant are the keys to shifting the energy into higher and higher levels of vibration. Take a deep breath, be willing to release shadow and darkness as you exhale and prepare to step beyond all you have ever known.

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