Angels – Angel Ezekiel Will Help Make Transformation Easy

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The word transformation can and often sends shivers down the spine of many who fear change. Change is at times an overwhelming concept. If you let go of something even if you are not happy with it, then what will happen? The unknown causes many people to become stuck, to freeze in place even though they do not like where they are. They would rather  be unhappy than face the unknown.

Fear of the unknown, in this case not knowing what will happen is a very scary thing for most people. Meaning, if you are in a job or a relationship you are not really happy with, at least you know what it is and what is expected of you. The frightening or fearful thing for most people is being alone or looking for another job.

There are issues of acceptance, rejection trust and self-worth among others which rise to the surface when the word change or transformation is mentioned.

Here is what, in my humble opinion, is the gift in being willing to open your mind and your heart to change and transformation, trusting that all unfolds as you wish it to be or better. Among the many gifts are the opportunities to have what you truly desire to have in your life, to be able to fulfill your Life’s Purpose AND realize your dreams all at the same time!

Ezekiel is the Angel of Transformation and will, when asked, help you transition with grace and ease enabling you to begin a self-transformation process that is taking one step-at-a-time. Transformation is as easy or complicated as you choose it to be.

Will there discomfort along the way? Yes. Will there be new experiences and the losing of friends that no longer resonate with your energy vibration? Yes. Instead of focusing on loss, focus instead on clearing space for more of what you truly want in your life. You will attract new friends and experiences which are a better match to your energy vibration and your chosen path.

A Message from Angel Ezekiel Angel of Transformation*

Transforming thoughts, emotions, actions, is as simple or as complicated as you choose. Easy is a word to measure degrees of difficulty or challenge one faces as choices present themselves for consideration. Allow you to feel, acknowledging where you are, keeping your heart and mind on where you want to be, do or have. Seeking the Light of the Lord is as simple as stepping out from shadow and darkness into the light. Stepping into the Light of the Lord is as simple as stepping to the side, allowing the shadows of others to flow past you. Transformation is pivoting from one point of view to another in one leap or one step at a time along your path. Sound the trumpet! Allow only light and love into your heart, mind, into your Soul. Sound the trumpet! Allow the wind to move all that no longer serves your highest and best good from you. Sound the trumpet! Allow the rain to wash from you sorrow and pain. Sound the trumpet! All is forgiven, all is made whole, all is made complete. You are whole, complete and perfect, now this moment. Travel in peaceful harmony this day beloved one, for you are loved beyond measure. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

As you begin your transformation from where you have been to where you are and ultimately to where you truly wish to be, there will be distractions and a certain amount of discomfort along the way. I will only and always share truth with you. It is not always easy nor is it extremely difficult to undergo transformation.

Transformation is shifting your energy. It is shifting thought patterns, releasing and healing your heart center. It is accepting your truth worth which is priceless. If you are willing to become vulnerable in the process, you will be surrounded by Angels and Ascended Masters with loving guidance, encouragement and support. You will be shown the way if that is what you truly desire to do.

There is always a choice. There are several reasons to stay exactly where you are right now which include but are not limited to:

*Staying where you are regardless of the circumstances no matter how unhappy you are because it is easier thank changing anything

*Waiting until you are ready, and something always seems to come up so you are never really ever ready

*Allowing fear to keep you where you are because it is just too scary to do anything, after all what will people say?

*You would rather remain in your dis-comfort zone than be willing to step beyond what is known into the unknown simply because you don’t know what is or is not waiting for you

Having said that, here are a few reasons to choose stepping beyond all you have ever known into the unknown:

*Freedom to pursue your dreams

*Releasing expectations projected onto you by others to keep you in your place

*A better paying and more fulfilling job or career, starting your own Healing Practice

*Healing your heart center and having your SoulMate relationship  or re-connecting with your partner in a more loving and fulfilling way for both of you

*Financial prosperity and abundance

*Being empowered and accepting your true worth and value, that of being absolutely priceless

As always, the choice and the decision remain with you. Whatever you choose to do or not to do, Angels are always by your side unconditionally.

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  1. Daniel Akyea Asamani says:

    Thank you very much , my comment is to day i am giving my self to not look what any body would say about me and again not to felling what somebody measure my movement,but to look importance to do my best i can to help my self and orders to have there peace on the earth,because in my life all what i am seeing is fear to death and fear to lose respect so that what i have to correct as is good for me to correct i cant,but all this i do, there is complains ,so that which is which,flow the light upon the darkness and bring darkness into light,this is my work God has sent me to do but letting orders to interfere in .

    • Hello Daniel,
      Your heart is in the right place. You are open to doing the healing work. Remember to breathe deeply and exhale slowly as you go through you day. People around you are getting used to the “new Daniel” they look at you and wonder what is happening. They like the softness of your energy. They know you to be a strong man and continue to see the strength they also see that you judge less and accept more.
      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
      Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

  2. josip-shivavantodar says:

    my name is Josip-Shivavantodar and i was meditate with fire obsidian.the name that is come in my mind is Ezekiel.start doing changes in your Life now!om namo Durgayei swaha.1000 of blessing send to all of you and do not fear about the results

    • Hello Josip-Shivavantodar,
      Thank you for sharing your experience and the message.
      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
      Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, D.Ms.

  3. I am struggling with despair, pain, lack of self-confidence and self-berating at the end of a marriage with a person I really love but know that we are not right for each other. Today I went to healing and came home and asked three angels for help to focus on uni work, as deadlines are looming in a few days and now is a very bad time to release tears every few minutes and feel emotional! This afternoon, I was managing to get on with my work and I had this angel’s name given to me. I googled and got your website and the information provided by you about this angel resonates deeply. I’m interested in why there doesn’t appear to be much infromation about Ezekiel though, this angel is missing from the books I have, hence the information searching online!

    • Hello Hope,
      Know Angels are with you, clearing the path before you, healing your heart, giving you the strength to continue putting one foot in front of the other.
      In asnwer to your question about why there isn’t much information about Ezekiel and many, many other Angels is, in part, what I came here to do. Share with people just like you about Angels and how they can help you when you ask.
      You asked and you were open to receiving the messages.
      Allow your Angels to help you.
      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
      Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

  4. Tracy says:

    Terrie Marri, Hello lately I have felt the presence of angels. Since this has happened I keep getting gemstones my way. I feel very connected but am struggling to change fully? love and light

    • Hello Tracy,
      Everyone has the gift of choice, that of free will.
      Just because you feel the presence of Angels doesn’t mean they are going to change you. You have to invite them into your life and be willing to accept the changes or shifts in energy that come along with having Angels in your life.
      It is, as always, up to you.
      Transcend the Ordinary,
      Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

      • Tracy says:

        do you think I should carry on and do work with crystals and angels also struggling with a partner i care alto about and can’t make the shift? love and light

  5. Stephanie says:

    The name Ezekiel came up when a friend of mine was giving me guidance as I asked for an angel to bring into my path. I have not done much work with angels, but feel their presence when I call on them – which is funny to say because of course we have been working together for a long time 🙂 Thank you for your post.

  6. Vikki says:

    I did a *connect with yr Angel*meditation and was given the name Azeikel… I was shocked to find that Azeikel was a fallen angel. Then i came across this page and everything just fell into place… Im in the process of a lot of shifts/transformations in my life right now.. And Azeikel couldt have come at a better time… Thankyou Angels and god bless you all xxx

  7. I enjoyed your blog. I am curious about something. I had Archangel Ezekiel introduce himself to me. I am far from an expert on communicating with ascended beings. I was trying to nail down some facts to make notes on what he communicated to me. One thing I was not sure of was the colors that would represent him.

    I did see his glowing merkaba. For colors, I saw yellow with a border of deep maroon red, with some areas of pink. But it was vague to me somehow. Does this description of his colors sound accurate to you?

    • Hello Jude,

      The colors are what Ezekiel revealed to you. The question to ask yourself is what each of the colors represent or mean?
      You can ask Ezekiel to be more specific and ask for clarification about the message he gave you.

      Transcend the Ordinary,
      Angel Lady Terrie Marie,

  8. Thank you. We are doing a clearing healing of earthbound spirits in our town, and Ezekiel came into the conversation. How appropriate is that! I was asking for angelic protectin during this process and and so thankful that you have good info on Ezekiel. I heard s/he has black wings. Do you know anything about that?

    • Hmmm … black wings … can’t say that I “get” black wings … everyone receives information differently and feels or senses an Angel’s energy to be male or female. Personally, I sense Ezekiel to be very masculine … wings are soft white, they glisten or sparkle in the light. Hope this helps 🙂

  9. All night long dreamed of speaking with and working on some sort of contract with Ezekiel.

    I had no idea who he was and this morning started doing research. That led me here.

    I am going through a personal transformation on a bunch of levels and it makes total sense now. Also found it as a validation of my experience last night. I felt like I worked all night long with him and the dream was centered around working on a contract. I should be totally exhausted as I only slept for 5 hours but I’m awake and alert.

    Taking as it’s a sign of good things to come.

  10. Austin says:

    He came to me in a bright white essence and at first all I kept hear was h is name and I guess I tuned in to him and he said my son but I’ve been hearing his name for the past four days and I’ve been having issues with a ex dealing with my soon to be born daughter. And I’m really confused

  11. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been going through many life changes over the last 3 years (divorce, custody issues, new relationships, job issues, moving, etc). I’ve been slowly connecting to my spiritual side; I was raised Catholic so I have a foundation of Angel beliefs but never consciously connected. Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing Doreen Virtue’s angel readings and meditations and today I came across one on guardian angels. In my search to learn who my angel is the name Ezekiel came to me. I started googling and came across your site here. What incredible information and is right on par with what I’m dealing with. It always amazes and pleases me to see these types of coincidences; makes me feel like I’m on the right track…

  12. Ara Joan antonio says:

    Hi. Ezekiel comes to pop in my mind for a long time now.,I always say his name cos he always pops into my mind. All I know is he’s an angel and from a bible. But as I grow old and seeing how life is. I don’t pray anymore unlike before, I don’t care anymore. But last night I have dreamt of a woman chasing me and then she’s following me and wanted to catch me. She got a golden hair and then suddenly when I was running n my dream Ezekiel came in. And I saw that his wings had been cut off and so does my wings. And then this girl told us we are fallen angels 😦 I just still don’t understand the dream. But ur interpretation of angel Ezekiel is awesome. I mean if it means change. Then I know I must change to be a good person again, and Ezekiel also means “gods strength” so maybe just maybe I need to change and with gods strength I can change. And thank you btw for your angel interpretation, God Bless. (But I still wanna know why a woman chasing me, and why me and Ezekiel’s white wings were cut…and why she’s pointing at us and telling us were fallen angels 😦

  13. Brian C. Gonzales says:

    How can I have my angel give me wisdom to help myself change and cure myself? How can I talk with him and hear him?

    • Ask and then be open to receive. That sounds like a “flip” answer because you are clearly struggling with being able to connect. Every month I teach a different, entry-level class online about Angels … if you are on my email list you’d be getting emails about these classes that also have teaching points in them.

      If you’re really serious about connecting with Angels, here is the UR to my website with free gifts to help you get started:

  14. L. Viv'ette Gibson says:

    Reasons to transform: It is my time to move on with my much needed transformation. I habe been stuck in my process for over 20 years. Therefore, any amount of true right knowledge in my progress from you will be greatly appreciated… v/r!

  15. Tracey wilson says:

    Lovely makes you feel not alone after loosing my mum my best friend my sole mate and my dad on 11/11/11 it’s made me move in the right direction and yes I will make time for all the things which have been in hold
    I went to a healing of a friend and Ezekiel angle was stood at the side of me I feel I can get through this and for me to help others

  16. What i have read so far seems very amazing ànd will like to get deeper in knowing more

  17. I have been through some challenges at homefront. I needed to make a decision. I was worried so i started praying to God for direction to make the right decision. As I slept, I had a dream, in which my phone rang, and I pick my handset to answer the call, I looked at the caller, and the name EZEKIEL was written on the screen. What could that means, I am eager to have your interpretation of this dream even though I can catch up some things in your submission above. Thank you

  18. Jane krynicki says:

    I am asking Angel Ezekiel for guidance

  19. Jessica says:

    Woot Woot!! Sound the 🎺!!!AMEN Thank You Ezekiel

  20. Millie Myers says:

    My name is Millie, I always have visitors, an like now the name Ezekiel came to me yesterday an. speaks to me . an after reading this, my heart is filled of I want more.Teach me. I try to help others and I listen to what I am told before I tell them anything. I am so happy I found you/

  21. I needed to read this! Thank you for this positive, empowering post! I feel so uplifting after reading this!

  22. izaneevans says:

    Hi. So this is weird and new to me. I am a firm. Believer in Jeshua as my Lord God and Savior. I understand the Bible warns against angel worship. They serve God as we do.

    Having said that, I’m beginning to fathom the vast supernatural side of the world and heavenly realms.

    What is a ‘assended master’?

    How can I trust any of this?

    I asked God for my Angels name and its Ezekiel, but then I thought but that’s a book in the Bible based on Ezekiel. And it came with a confirmation for such a time as this. The valley of the dry bones, warriors rising and so forth.

    So I started searching but couldn’t find Ezekiel on any list anywhere save 2 or 3 sites this one included.

    So I have a few questions. How and where does what you do connect to the Bible principles and teachings, how are you connecting to angles, is it a calling or how?

    What is meant by “channeling angles”? Like a ‘Medium’ does or how?

  23. Thank you, the name Ezekiel has often come to me in meditation & I am now understanding that he is my guardian Angel and has been helping me transform! All love to you, Emma 💗

  24. I fist met him in a fleeting thought. His voice becane distant but clear. He then was a close a classroom seat next to me. He likedy company and I found comfort on his thoughts and message.. he then left and said I could not call apon anymore. I have not heard him since. My tall froend, Ezekiel the spirit guide

  25. Jeanine crosland says:

    Can you help me learn my metaphysical gifts,so I can help people, because this lifetime,9 soul number….and because of my birthdate is what it is, I went through control caos,to which I have had the negative energy in my vicinaty all my life and my guides,angels and positive energys guiding,helping and watching, also,…

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