Tranformational Energy Healing Masters Thesis by Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Chapter One


Transformational Energy Healing is a symphony of several energy healing modalities. This thesis will not only describe what Transformational Energy Healing is, it also offers insights from other contemporary healers and authors and illustrates my own experiences.

This unique healing modality blends traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki, sound, Angelic Light Weaving, cutting etheric cords and the use of crystals and gemstones into one healing modality. Energy healing is essential for detoxing the physical body, releasing unwanted negative energy, emotional distress, dis-harmony and dis-ease allowing healing to occur naturally and effortlessly.

In 1989 I discovered a book The Spiritual Value of Gem Stones (1980) by Wally and Jenny Richardson and Lorena Huett. Excited about discovering the power and energy of different crystals, I taught myself to channel energy in through my left hand and out my right hand. For the next 20 years I would practice hanneling energy with family and friends relieving pain and suffering. I received my Reiki Master / Teacher Attunement in 2006. In 2009, I was attuned as an Angelic Light Weaving Master Teacher by Archangel Raphael and Ascended Master Hilarion with Golden Rainbow Light.

As a channel for Divine Source, Spiritually guided life-force energy enters my Crown Chakra flowing through my physical body and out through my hands. Traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki is the laying-on of hands, an energy healing modality which detoxes the inner-Self and the physical body.

Sound is an integral part of energy work providing focus for the conscious mind allowing thoughts and emotions as well as the physical body to relax. As the conscious mind relaxes, the body releases stress. Mind and body relax into soft meditative music becoming open and receptive to Divine Source Energy flowing throughout the physical body and into the Auric and Ethereal energy fields.

Crystals and gemstones enhance the overall energy healing experience radiating unique vibrational signatures resonating to and with specific energy frequencies. Each vibrational frequency or energy signature assists in dispelling negative energy, promoting healing from within re-aligning body, mind and Soul.

Attachments more commonly referred to as etheric energy cords or simply cords, are cut during energy healing. Cutting negatively attached cords are essential to overall well-being. Negative energy cords drain positive energy from the physical body and Auric energy field. When cutting cords, it is not possible to cut only negative energy cords. It is important to note that all positive energy cords such as positive attachments to family and friends, automatically re-attach. Only negative energy cords remain detached.

Angelic Light Weaving works in and through the Auric energy field and all subtle energy bodies, aligning corresponding Chakra energy centers within the physical body, radiating outward from the physical body into the mental, emotional, Spiritual and Etheric energy bodies.  Threads of Golden Rainbow Light are gently woven in, around and through the Auric energy field; above, below and within the physical body, emotional and Spiritual energy fields. Angelic Light Weaving seeks to calm, cleanse and balance the subtle energy bodies, harmonizing the Auric energy field with the physical body.

Chapter Two

      Review of Literature

The Encyclopedia of Crystals (2006) by Judy Hall is a complete directory of crystals and minerals providing a wealth of information, knowledge and insight.

Information includes both physical healing and metaphysical properties.  In addition, Judy Hall includes information on Chakra energy centers, signs of the Zodiac, Chemistry, hardness, numerology association, Planets and where each crystal and mineral can be found. There are color photographs which assist with visual identification.

Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual and Spiritual Development (2004) by Christopher Penczak offers a unique approach to Reiki as an energy healing modality. There is a discussion of the anatomy from the Spiritual and physical symbolism as it relates to the human body. Christopher Penczak begins at the beginning level of Reiki and continues through the Master level. Symbols are explored from a variety of Reiki practices shedding light on meanings and use for healer and client.

David Pond’s Chakras for Beginners: A Guide to Balancing Your Chakra Energies (1999), is a wonderful tool for any novice in the art of healing, balancing and cleansing Chakra energy centers. Each of the 7 major Chakra energy centers is thoroughly explored with tips and exercises to awaken and balance with the intention of shifting energy bringing a sense of complete wholeness.

Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stone (1985) by Katrina Raphaell, is an incredible introduction in the use of crystals and minerals in energy healing work. General information is provided as guidance for various healing stone layouts for maximum benefit utilizing Chakras, charging and using healing stones for personal use.

Spiritual Value of Gem Stones (1985) by Wally and Jenny Richardson and Lenora Huett, contains a wealth of knowledge with detail information about general characteristics, Spiritual, Healing and unique energy aspects of crystals and gem stones. The information about precious and semi-precious gem stones contained within these pages ignited my fascination into and about crystals and minerals.

Diane Ruth Shewmaker’s excursion into Sekhem Reiki in All Love: A Guidebook for Healing with Sekhem-Seichem-Reiki and SKHM (1999) is a fascinating exploration into an alternate form of Reiki healing. Patrick Scott Ziegler is the founder or receiver of Sekhem Reiki having received his knowledge and attunement while in Egypt. There are many similarities between traditional forms of Reiki and Sekhem Reiki. Diane Ruth Shewmaker also provides information regarding the practice of Sekhem as way of life.

Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian’s collaborative, The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach (2007) is a wealth of channeled information on crystals and minerals. Metaphysical as well as physical aspects and characteristics are shared with intense subtly that is refreshing. Key words, element associations and which Chakra energy centers resonate with each specimen offers an opportunity to expand conscious awareness when working with crystals and minerals.

Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art (1995) by Diane Stein is written from the Divine Feminine perspective as a way of integrating daily life and that of a Reiki practitioner. The author provides insight to self-empowerment for all who chose to take an inward journey of self-healing and revelation. Diane Stein addresses Kundalini energy, symbols, aligning and balancing Chakra energy beginning with level 1 through level 3 Reiki practices.

The Japanese Art of Reiki (2005) by Bronwen and Frans Stiene, is a fascinating journey into the Ancient energy healing modality known as Reiki. The journey begins with traditions in Japan during the era of Master Usui. Bronwen and Frans Stiene guide the practitioner through a series of exercises intended to calm the Spirit allowing inner harmony and balance to become a predominate way of life.  Self-healing is highly encouraged as way of becoming an open channel for Ki or life-force energy from Divine Source.

In Chakra Clearing: Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal (1998), by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., there is clear and succinct information for the beginner and advanced student of Chakra energy and how it circulates throughout the physical body. Guidance includes how to cut etheric cords providing additional knowledge for the reader.  As with nearly all of Doreen Virtue’s books, it contains material on Angels. Also included with this book is a guided Chakra meditation.

Dael Walker’s The Crystal Healing Book: How to Use Crystals for Healing and  Personal Growth (1988) is a wealth of information in the Metaphysical treating of various physical ailments as a way to augment traditional Western Medical protocols. Dael Walker offers a wide range of alternative healing modalities utilizing a myriad of processes which include Chakra balancing, crystal layouts and crystal energy grid layouts to increase balance and alignment within the physical body and Auric energy field.

Chapter Three


Transformational Energy Healing begins with the client lying face down on a flat surface, preferably a healing table. The floor, bed or dining room table will work just as well as a healing table. After the practitioner grounds him or herself, the client’s Aura is gently swept from head to toe cleansing away any outer negative energy debris. The Aura may be swept with feathers or the hands. Kyanite is placed on the client’s back along the Spine to dispel negative energy as it is brought to the surface from within during the energy healing.

Reiki energy begins with the head and is given continuing down the length of the body to the feet. The client’s Aura is then cleansed with Angelic Light Weaving. Etheric cords are cut using a sacred knife.  The Auric energy field is smoothed with a Feather Wand or the hands.

A Selenite Wand is used to cut any remaining negative etheric cords, cleansing and balancing the physical body, Auric and Ethereal energy fields and for integrating the inner-Self with the outer physical body, unifying body, mind and Soul.

Depending on the needs of the client, as intuitively guided, the practitioner uses various crystals and minerals to further cleanse, balance and align the physical and energy bodies integrating one with the other on all levels. To further explain the use of crystals and minerals during a Transformational Energy Healing, following guidance, I begin with a Selenite wand cutting and healing any remaining negative energy attachments. A Clear Quartz Generator is used to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself as well as continuing the healing and energy detox process. All subsequent crystals and minerals are held in my right hand, my left hand facing the heavens allowing Divine White Light to flow through me from Divine Source Energy.

Aqua Aura is used to calm and soothe, releasing any energy blockages relating to communication and speaking one’s truth. Malachite is used to reach through the physical body’s outer layers into the inner-Self, healing at the cellular level, radiating healing light outward from within the client’s inner core essence.

Peacock Ore, Chalcopyrite, is then used to finalize the balancing of all Chakra energy centers, repairing any tears in the Auric energy field. Fluorite is sometimes called upon in addition to Peacock Ore to assist in restoring balance in the Ethereal energy body.

Amethyst’s powerful, yet subtle purplish-violet color frequency encourages conscious awareness along the client’s Spiritual Journey or pathway. Rose Quartz is healing love energy, which wraps around and through the client, instilling a sense of unconditional love, healing emotional wounds in all directions of time and space.

The practitioner’s hands flow effortlessly above the client’s body, “sealing” the healing. The client is then asked to turn over, facing up on the healing table and the process is repeated as referenced above. Once the healing session is complete, the practitioner uses a sacred Feather Wand to create a cocoon of Golden Rainbow Light around the client. This creates protection for the next 48 hours. Clients are encouraged to increase the amount of water intake for the next 24 hours to continue the detox process for maximum benefit.

The benefits of receiving a Transformational Energy Healing are relaxation and stress reduction, calming the nervous system, releasing negatively charged or stored energy, quieting mind chatter, creating a peaceful state of serenity.  Transformational Energy Healing is not intended to replace proper Medical Care or Advice; it is an alternative healing modality whose intention is to promote a sense of overall well-being, assisting the body’s own natural healing process.

Chapter Four


Energy Detox

David Pond, Chakras for Beginners (1999), clearly expresses that energy simply is. It cannot be denied as being real nor can it be neutralized. Pond continues to note that energy can be cleansed and transmuted from darkness to light, from one polarity to another. Cleansing unwanted, negative energy from the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies is more than beneficial to a client’s overall well-being, it is essential.

Everyone and everything is energy, both positive and negative. Even when you are in the best frame of mind and your attitude is one of gratitude, it is more than possible to encounter unwanted energy from other sources. As you speak with people, going about your day, you interact not only with your own emotional energy you also encounter and interact or re-act to the other people’s energies.

Have you ever experienced a sudden change in your emotions or felt your body shiver for no apparent reason? It is highly likely you have just passed through someone else’s negativity or emotional distress. Your physical body is a magnet for many, many types of energy depending on where you are physically and emotionally. Lower, dirty energy collects and is then stored throughout your entire Be-ing to include your Auric energy field and Ethereal energy body.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, Chakra Clearing (1998), states a person frequently encounters a variety of situations and experiences which may be fear based thoughts and emotions. Cleansing and detoxing your energy balances and brings into balance your emotional and mental bodies with your inner core essence, your true Self.  Balance then transforms into harmony, allowing you to flow more easily with all that is occurring within and around you.

Another important reason to detox your energy is to release behavioral patterns which no longer serve your highest and best good; forgiving yourself for any mistakes you think you have made; forgiving others for any emotional wounds they may have caused.

One of the most important behavioral patterns to release is judgment, self-judgment and judging others.  There is freedom in being judgment free accepting you and others without condition.

The most important reason is freeing you from all that would block your inner alignment with the Creator, the Divine Source of All There Is, the Spark of Divinity within you. In truth, you are always connected. The feeling of separation or internal blockage is caused with your being out of alignment with your true core essence, your true Self which is unconditional love, a conduit for Source Light. As the physical body is cleansed, balanced and aligned with Divine Source, the Chakra energy centers are also cleansed, balanced and aligned.

Chakra Energy Centers

Eastern religions teach that the human body contains seven major energy centers.  David Pond, Chakras for Beginners (1999), states “The chakras are the conduits through which the universal energy glows. Our personal sense of this is that it moves from the earth through the lower chakras to the upper chakras, but it is not linear – it is cyclic and runs both ways.” Each of these energy centers contain Universal Spiritual life lessons and are an integral part of the journey as you evolve into higher consciousness, becoming consciously aware.  The physical body contains your histories­­; every chapter, line, and verse of every event and relationship encountered along the way. As your life unfolds before you, your biological health becomes a living, breathing biographical statement that conveys strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears.  All of these factors affect your physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual and energy bodies.  Illnesses or dis-ease may develop as a consequence of behavioral patterns and attitudes which unconsciously become biologically toxic.

Everyone has negative feelings, but not all negativity produces dis-ease. Dominant, negative emotions create dis-ease when you acknowledge negativity to be toxic, allowing the negative emotions to thrive in your consciousness.  For instance, you may know you need to forgive someone, yet you decide that remaining angry gives you more power.  Remaining obsessively angry makes you more likely to develop dis-ease because the energy consequence of a negative obsession is powerlessness.  Energy is power. It is possible to transmit energy into the past by dwelling on painful events, draining power from your present-day body and can lead to dis-ease.

The Chakra energy centers are vertically aligned in both the physical body, Auric and Ethereal energy fields running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. David Pond writes in his book, Chakras for Beginners (1999), that Chakras determine how you use your energy. Chakras are somewhat like batteries for the various levels of your life energy. Energy centers receive, store, and express energy by interacting with the universal life force. It is thought that you ascend toward the  Divine by gradually mastering the physical world.  The Solar Plexus is the energy center most linked with creativity and emotions.  It is thought to be where Heaven and Earth meet. It is the center of the physical universe, the point where life is transferred from Mother to child at the point of physical conception.

The word Chakra originates from an ancient Sanskrit language, meaning wheel or vortex as noted by Diane Ruth Shewmaker, All Love ((1999).   The word Chakra refers to all energy centers or energy vortexes throughout your Auric energy field, all energy bodies, to include your physical body. Shewmaker notes in All Love (1999), “the chakra vortices allow for the flow of energy both into and our of the body.”  Each Chakra flows one into the other blending with the energies of Chakras both above and below the physical body.  The Heart Chakra, for example, flows upward to your Throat Chakra allowing you to speak with emotion.  Energy from the Heart Chakra also flows downward, blending with your Solar Plexus Chakra, allowing you to manifest with emotion, compassion, and focused intention.

Chakras can become under or over stimulated, displaying a variety of physical, mental, or emotional manifestations if not cleansed and balanced regularly. Chakras interact with your physical, Etheric and Auric energy bodies.

 7 Major Chakra Overview

In the Magick of Reiki, written by Christopher Pencak (2004), The root chakra most commonly visualized as a red wheel or disk of light located at the base of the spine. It represents survival issues; having a place to live, enough food to eat, financial concerns, basic  material needs, career choices, and physical safety.  Red is the color or vibrational frequency of passion and desire.  Tribal power, identifying with the group, and establishing belief patterns are also associated with the first Chakra.

The 2nd charka known as the Sacral or “belly chakra” as it is referred to by Christopher Penczak, Magick of Reiki (2004), is visualized as being orange. It is the energy center of sensuality and sexual desire; a desire to connect with others physically and emotionally.  The Sacral Chakra relates to self-image and self-esteem.  The color orange vibrates with a frequency resonating with vitality and celebration; beckoning our Spirit into an Earthly experience. It is also referred to as the Seat of the Soul.

Penczak writes that the solar plexus chakra is yellow and is located right below the diaphragm muscle and above the navel.  This chakra completes the physical trilogy of the human energy system.  It is the bridge between your physical existence Chakras and your Spiritual Chakras.  Human will, integrity, personal power, discernment, and self-empowerment are aspects of the Solar Plexus.  Self-direction, physical energy and healthy self-control are an integral part of this energy vortex. Yellow represents the power and energy of the Sun, enabling you to focus your intention to manifest your desires, your goals.

The Heart Chakra, located in the center of the chest, is the central powerhouse of the human energy system.  It is considered by many, as the middle Chakra.  The Heart Chakra is the bridge between your Spiritual Chakras and your physical existence Chakras.  Relationships and intimacy govern all aspects of this energy vortex. Compassion, forgiveness, inner-balance and harmony, and emotional expression are key to the effortless flow of energies both above and below your Heart Chakra.  Emerald Green, Rose, and Gold are associated with this energy center.  Each of these colors harmonizes and blends with the vibrational frequency resonating with love, personal ideals, nurturing, forgiveness of self and others, and a sense of peace and attachments to others.  Pencak notes that as we open ourselves to love, the heart center feels open and free to express love.  If the heart chakra is closed, there is resistance, a self-made barrier to giving and receiving love. The Heart Chakra is the energy center of Clairsentience or clear-feeling.

The Throat Chakra governs your openness to speaking your truth; communicating your needs, wants, and desires.  Communication with the Divine, singing, public speaking, channeling, and self-expression resonate in your Throat Chakra.  It allows you to question all previous beliefs, developing detachment and observation, bringing you closer to oneness with Divine Source Energy.  The color most associated with the Throat Chakra is blue as noted by Penczak, Magick of Reiki (2004) and can be clear or clouded and blocked.

The sixth Chakra, when balanced, allows your conscious mind a sense of stillness, a sense of “BE-ing” developing your gift of Clairvoyance or clear-seeing.  The Third Eye, as stated by Penczak is the Chakra of foresight, allowing an increased sense of self-awareness enhancing interaction between your conscious mind and the psyche, are aspects of this energy center.  Some believe the Third Eye faces towards you, seeking clearer in-sight, seeking inner guidance for one’s self.  onsider the concept of your Third Eye also facing outward, enabling you to “see” visions or images, to visualize that which is not yet made manifest.  Indigo is the color associated with the energy vortex of the sixth Chakra.  Your Third Eye may not be Indigo; rather it is the energy or vibrational frequency of Indigo that emanates from this energy vortex.  As you meditate, you may experience the opening of your Third Eye.  You may experience a deeper Spiritual awareness whether your sixth Chakra opens or remains veiled, is partially open or opens and shuts at will.  The Third Eye energy vortex resonates with your desire for transcendence, the Spiritual Realm beyond images, beyond thought.

The Crown Chakra, located just above the head, is your connection to your spiritual pathway.  The Crown Chakra allows you to integrate your physical life and your spirituality, guiding you in the physical realm.  The Crown Chakra connects you to Divine Source Energy, to God, to Creator, opening the way for each of us as bearers of light in the physical realm.  The Crown Chakra is the entry point of all human life-force energy, pouring endlessly throughout the physical body and the lower six Chakras, connecting the entire physical body through the seventh Chakra to all that is.  “The crown chakra is visualized as a sphere of dazzling white or violet light…..” as written by Christopher Penczak, Magick of Reiki (2004). Violet is the highest vibrational frequency one can achieve here in the physical realm.  White signifies purity, Oneness with All That Is, creating an open pathway to enlightenment and illumination, to transcendence.

Spiritually guided life-force energy flows through the Auric energy field and the physical body along and within the network of Chakra energy centers. Energy is a part of everyone and everything. Life-force energy nourishes the organs and cells of the physical body. During times of stress or dis-ease, the free flow of life-force energy is disrupted, constricted and is often blocked becoming stagnant, causing dis-harmony. All forms of energy are the result of thought, action and the spoken word or emotion, whether positive or negative.  Negative thoughts, actions or emotions cause blockages, restricting the free-flow of positive life-force energy. Negative energy particles become trapped or collect in the Ethereal energy field, weighing the physical body and diminishing the natural flow of your innate ability to heal yourself.


Sound is a tool that is under-utilized during energy healing work. Soft, soothing music in the background allows the client to release stress and tension, releasing all that no longer serves their highest and best good, the Higher-Self.  It can, if the client is open and willing, produce a meditative state enabling the client to receive energy from Divine Source. Jonathan Goldman, is instrumental in the field of sound healing stating “sound can affect us on the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.” Sound soothes the Soul and the psyche, healing emotional wounds. It is also capable of cleansing, detoxing and realigning all Charka energy centers and all energy bodies to include the Auric energy field and Ethereal energy body. The sound vibration of a Tibetan or Crystal Singing bowl reaches through energy blockages, loosening stagnant pools or pockets of energy for transformation and transmutation into the Light for healing.

Etheric Cords

Humans, animals, and plants are energy based forms of life. Everyone and everything collects and stores energy both positive and negative. Every living creature exchanges energy, both seen and unseen in physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual form. Most energy exchanges are in non-physical form. For example, a smile graces your face when you think of someone you love and care about. When an incident or an unpleasant experience is remembered, most often it feels as though it is being re-lived in the present moment. Each time you have a thought about something that has occurred or is about to happen, you send or receive energy through etheric cords. The mind does not differentiate between what has occurred and what is occurring now. Etheric cords are conduits, or tubes of light and energy which connect us to one another, we become “attached.” As we create attachments to people, places and even to material objects, energy cords are formed. Attachments are both positive and negative.

Positive attachments or etheric cords are healthy, nurturing, kind, loving and compassionate. Negative attachments or etheric cords are harmful to your mental and emotional health, causing dis-tress in your physical and energy bodies. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, Chakra Clearing (1998) is reassuring as she states “Cord cutting doesn’t necessarily lead to breakups or abandoned relationships. It simply means that you are releasing the dysfunctional parts of your relationship.” Cutting negative energy cords causes an energy shift. As energy shifts, unpleasant memories tend to fade, becoming less painful creating a sense of inner calm. Releasing attachments enables forgiveness and ultimately healing on all levels.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki has been known to promote an overall sense of well-being in body, mind, and Spirit. Reiki is practiced by the “laying on of hands” which may assist with emotional healing and possibly healing the physical body as well as the Auric and Ethereal energy fields.

Rei means God’s Wisdom or Higher Power. Ki means life-force energy.  Bronwen and Frans Stiene, The Japanese Art of Reiki (2005), write that even though life-force energy can be experienced and cultivated,  it is not something that can be measured nor can it be contained. Reiki is Spiritually guided life-force energy creating a stronger, purer connection to Divine Source Energy. Reiki is free-flowing compassionate, loving, healing energy.

Reiki energy works alongside all other medical and therapeutic treatments, techniques and Medical protocols. When the physical body becomes relaxed, releasing stress and reducing pain, a person receiving Reiki often experiences peace and harmony. Bronwen and Frans Stiene state, “To understand the effect of Reiki it must first be perceived that humans are more than the physical body alone. There are other essential ingredients in the human make-up including the mind and heart connection.”

Reiki cleanses and balances energy in the physical body and in the mental, emotional and Spiritual energy bodies. The Auric energy field benefits from the receiving of Reiki energy.  Shewmaker shares an interesting concept “…… surrounding energy fields known as “subtle bodies” or “auric fields” interpenetrate one another as well as interacts with the physical body.” It also promotes the free flow of energy throughout all the major and minor Chakra energy centers. Reiki promotes compassion for the Self and those around you.

Reiki is the channeling of positive energy from Divine Source, flowing to and through all parts of the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies and the Auric energy field. Reiki energy seeks to balance, cleanse and re-align energy centers in all energy bodies to include the Auric and Etheric energy fields augmenting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Chakras are energy centers located throughout the physical body. Chakras, or energy centers, are also part of the Auric energy field. The most known energy centers are the Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Throat Chakra, Heart Center, Solar Plexus, Sacral Chakra and the Basic or Root Charka. There are many, many more chakras throughout the entire physical body extending out into the Auric and Ethereal energy fields.

Angelic Light Weaving

Angelic Light Weaving is an energy smoothing healing modality which seeks to cleanse, balance and harmonize the subtle energies in and around the physical body and the Auric energy field.  Diane Ruth Shewmaker, Reiki News Magazine (2002), Angelic Light Weaving is practiced with gentle sweeping movements within and around the physical body, opening the Crown Chakra allowing Divine Source Energy to flow gently through the practitioners entire Be-ing. It is free-flowing, compassionate, high-frequency energy, aligning all major and minor Chakra energy centers within the physical and ethereal bodies.

Subtle Angelic Realm energy is easily integrated with more traditional medical and therapeutic treatments, techniques and Medical protocols.  As the physical body becomes relaxed, releasing stress and reducing pain, a person receiving an energy healing treatment most often experiences a sense of peace and harmony in body, mind, and Spirit at the Soul level.

Angelic Realm Energy encourages everyone to see people and situations from a more loving perspective, promoting compassion for the Self and those around you. Our energy fields are a mirror of our physical bodies. Everything the physical body experiences’ is also manifested in the energy field surrounding us physically. As the physical body releases stored tension, the Auric energy field becomes lighter and brighter.

During times of stress or dis-harmony, the free flow of life-force energy is disrupted causing one to feel sluggish and dis-connected from Divine Source Energy, Creator of All That Is. Angelic Light Weaving is the channeling of positive energy from Divine Source, flowing to and through all parts of the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies and the Auric energy field.  Angelic Light seeks to balance, cleanse and re-align energy centers in all energy bodies to include the Auric and Etheric Energy Fields, augmenting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Crystals and Minerals

Crystals and gemstones correspond and resonate with specific color frequencies, tones, and rays of light; increasing or amplifying a particular energy vibration. Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, The Book of Stones (2005), state “stones carry a combination of elemental energies because of their chemical composition and vibrations allow them to resonates at a broad range of frequencies.”

Rose quartz, for example, resonates with pink or rose light, enhancing love, emotional healing, seeing through eyes of love.  Lapis resonates with deep blue light, clearing channels of communication with others or the Ethereal Realm of Spirit; encouraging truth and integrity.

Crystals and minerals absorb energy allowing the physical body to augment its own natural healing abilities. Katrina Raphael, Crystal Enlightenment (1985), cautions healers to cleanse and recharge crystals after each session to clear any negative and dis-eased energies. Among the various techniques to cleanse and re-charge crystals and minerals is to rinse them in cool water and place them in to the Sun light for a few hours.

Crystals and Minerals Used During Transformation Energy Healing

Kyanite is a remarkable crystalline formation dispelling negative energy. Judy Hall, The Encyclopedia of Crystals (2006) notes that Kyanite renews and re-charges itself.  And it resonates with and clears all channels of communication, attracting Angels and Spirit Guides. Placing Kyanite in the Sun’s rays or in the light of a full Moon is a way of expressing your gratitude for its marvelous healing and protective properties.

Rose Quartz is usually referred to as the love crystal and “is the corner stone of the heart chakra.” Katrina Raphael, Crystal Enlightenment (1985). When held, it is possible to begin experiencing a sense of harmony within your Heart Chakra. The soft, subtle energy of Rose Quartz soothes emotions, enabling emotional wounds to heal more easily. Rose Quartz heals emotional wounds, love, self-love, reduces tensions, increases self-confidence, and promotes a sense of inner-peace.

Peacock Ore, also Chalcopyrite, activates, cleanses and balances all Chakra’s individually, integrating all your Chakras simultaneously.  Judy Hall, The Encyclopedia of Crystals (2006), states that peacock Ore not only releases energy blockages, it also assists you in assimilating esoteric knowledge. It provides protection from negativity, doubt, fear, and manages thoughts of lack This stone protects healers, enhancing perception seeing past surface appearances.

Selenite Blades cut negative etheric cords and dissolve negative energy, intensifying healing and meditation. Robert Simmons, The Book of Stones (2005), writes that Selenite is very effective for cleansing the Aura, the physical and etheric bodies of any stagnant or congested energies. Selenite blades may also be used to direct healing energy to a specific area in the physical body or a past, life sealing a wound with Divine White Light.

Aqua Aura quartz crystals enhance communication, deepening your connecting with the Spiritual Realm. Robert Simmons, The Book of Stones (2005), notes that Aqua Aura resonates with and stimulates the Throat Chakra, enabling the user to communicate their inner truth with clarity and ease. This crystal also aids with Psychic protection, assists with fulfilling your Life’s Purpose and multidimensional healing. It releases negative energy in the emotional, physical, Spiritual, Etheric and Astral bodies.

Malachite is a dense, magical stone which calms and soothes frayed nerves. It is a powerful stone for manifesting wealth, prosperity and abundance. The Ancient Egyptians used the power of malachite to effect great change within their physical bodies, healing at the cellular level. In Spiritual Value of Gemstones (1980), Wally and Jenny Richardson note that Malachite often mirrors the soul allowing clarity of thought. This many layered stone assists with grounding nervous or excess energy; encourages the Crown Chakra to open more fully allowing the channeling of higher energy frequencies. Healing properties associate with Malachite are healing past lives, deep emotional wounds, reducing stress and tension, protection, transformation, re-birthing of the Spirit and strengthening the immune system.

Clear Quartz amplifies and magnifies the color ray frequency of all other crystals, minerals and stones. Judy Hall, The Encyclopedia of Crystals (2006), writes that this clear, yet powerful magnifier works on multidimensional levels. It absorbs and regulates energy and cleanses the Soul. It dispels negativity and provides protection. Clear Quartz promotes inner sight clarity and seeing, enhancing the Third Eye. It also assists in balancing emotions on all levels in all directions of time and space.

Fluorite, Stone of the Rainbow Bridge, is used for energy alignment, self-confidence, centering the Self, focus, inter-dimensional communication, channeling excess energy, balance positive and negative energies and advancement of the mind. Katrina Raphael, Crystal Enlightenment (1980), states that Fluorite resonates with the Third Eye, cleansing and balancing inner and outer sight assisting the user with clear seeing.

Amethyst is known as the Healer’s Stone or the Soul Stone.  Wally and Jenny Richardson, Spiritual Value of Gemstones (1980), write that Amethyst has the ability to purify and filter out impurities stored in the physical body. The frequency vibration of Amethyst is also soothing and calming; assisting you in expanding your conscious awareness, lifting the veil between the Realm of Spirit and the physical Realm.  It will assist you with healing, reducing mental tension, may aid in healing migraine headaches and re-charge Etheric energy body.

 Chapter Five


Energy healing is more than the sum of its many techniques, tools and various modalities. It is a conduit for integrating body, mind and Soul. Healing occurs on multiple levels integrating and blending all energy bodies and energy fields. I have practiced energy healing utilizing Usui Ryoho Reiki as well as Angelic Light Weaving as separate healing modalities. After several years of conducting hundreds of healing sessions I began to incorporate the use of crystals, sound and cutting negative etheric cords for a more complete energy healing.

The human body is comprised of many layers of energy both within and surrounding the physical body. Blending and creating a symphony of healing modalities was, for me, a natural outflow resulting in a total care concept for my clients. The use of crystals and sound to clear, balance and bring into alignment all the many facets of the human organism clears energy blockages which aids the natural healing process.

In my understanding of the research and practical application of energy healing, it is essential to incorporate the entire physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual energy bodies as well as the Aura and Ethereal energy fields to facilitate healing, releasing stagnant energy.

 Chapter Six


As Dael Walker, The Crystal healing Book (1988), writes humans are more than the sum of its organs, muscles, bones and skin. It is a specialize energy field capable of healing on all levels in all directions of time and space. Transformational Energy Healing is a complete energy healing modality integrating the physical, emotional and Spiritual energy bodies, and the Auric and Ethereal energy fields with each other. The blending Reiki, Angelic Light Weaving, sound, cutting negative etheric cords for detoxing the physical body, releasing unwanted negative energy, emotional distress, dis-harmony and dis-ease allowing healing to occur naturally and effortlessly.


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