Mystical God – Horus Is the Mystical God of Clear Seeing


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Known as the Child of the Dawn, the Mystical Egyptian God Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. He is depicted with the head of a Falcon or as a Golden Falcon with a crown of gold and sapphire blue gems for his eyes.

Horus is the Mystical God of strength, Divine Justice, clarity of seeing and victory over darkness and shadow. He is the dispeller of darkness, bringing all into the light providing insight through your gift of inner-sight.

This Mystical Falcon headed God, will when asked, assist you in clearing your physical sight and your Spiritual Sight, or Third Eye.

If you wish to invoke clear sight through your Third Eye Chakra, your inner-sight, ask Horus to clear the way. He will activate your Third Eye revealing all that is yours to see with clear, crisp vision.

Among the many gifts given to him by his parents are death and re-birth. Meaning Horus is able to see with precise, clear seeing both the dawn and the setting of the same day. He is able to see far into the future and back into the past gaining insight for all that is yet to come.

Crystals and minerals associated with Mystical God Horus are Amethyst, Tanzine, Tanzan Aura, Azurite and Fluorite.

He was the patron and protector of Egypt’s Pharaohs and is the patron for leaders who seek guidance for the benefit of the people and the land.

A Message from Horus*

Children of the land, come hear my words. Be merciful to you and to others. Open your eyes seeing the truth of all that is before you. Be willing to release judgment upon your own deeds. Release judgment of others around you, you do not walk their path. Seek to walk your path in the light, seeking power and strength only to sustain you and your inner-sight. There is much to be seen in both the present moment and that which is now behind you. Know you need only close your eyes with the willingness to see beyond that which is presented to you. Be willing to see beyond the moment. Be willing to see beyond the shadows that cloaks the light, the truth and the path before you. The Sun shines the way as the Moon is your beacon in the night. Children of the land, stand tall in your power for there is much yet to come, there is much yet to be seen. Open your eyes seeing clearly all that is your truth. See clearly all that is given to you. See clearly, there is death and there is re-birth. See that which is yours to see. See that which protects you as you walk the path of eternal light and shadow, love and hate, strength and courage. Be willing to see gaining insight, courage and strength. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

The Eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye, symbolizes protection from that which cannot be seen with physical sight. The Eye is all-knowing seeing in all directions and knows all things. There can be no deceit or deception because that which is unseen is revealed in the light of both the Sun and the Moon.

It is said that this Mystical Egyptian God of the Nile, is the bringer of Divine Justice through eyes of love, healing all with his sharp-sighted stare.

Do not mistake the gentleness of his energy; his power is mighty and swift. He never tires from battling the unjust ways of those who seek to conquer and control.

In all things, be kind. In all things be just. In all things be strong. In all things see the cycle of death and re-birth as part of the path you chose long ago.

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  1. Oriana Galletti says:

    thank you, very insightful and right on track as to where I am at, i.e. the desire to see clearly. LOL Oriana

    • Hello Oriana,
      Glad you found this post “insightful” (giggling). I have, for a very long time resonated or been attracted to Ancient Egypt and the wonders of all the sands of the Nile still hold.
      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
      Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

  2. Thank you so very much blessed dear one ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆

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