Breakthrough Discovery Sessions with Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

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A Breakthrough Discovery Session begins by working with Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc. one-on-one by Phone, Skype or In-Person to help you discern where you are and where you truly want to be.

Once you have chosen to request your private Breakthrough Discovery Session, and your payment confirmation has been received, you will receive a set of questions that will help you receive the maximum benefit prior to your private session with Terrie Marie, M.Msc.

It is suggested you take a few moments to center and balance your energy before you begin. Take all the time you need to answer all the questions.

Go within; be honest with yourself during this process. You have chosen to invest your time and your money for this opportunity to work and connect with the Angel Lady in a whole new way on a higher energetic level.

After you have completed all the questions, email directly to Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc. at

You will receive a confirmation email from the Angel Lady and your 30-Minute Breakthrough Discovery Session will be scheduled as soon as possible.

After your session, if you choose to work with Terrie Marie in a Private VIP Day, Emerald Extended Studies Program or become a premier student in the StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics, you will receive a credit towards your investment.

***Your investment is $97; the value of a Breakthrough Discovery Session with Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc. is $297***

click on the link below to begin working with the Angel Lady today ….

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