Angels – Malkhiel Is the Angel of Inspiration

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Divine Ideas arrive in the form of inspiration. So what is inspiration and what does it look like or feel like? As with all things, I can only share my experiences, my understanding of things.

Inspiration is that moment of enlightenment. It is an emotion, a sense of validation trusting that what you are receiving in that one crystal clear moment is truth on every level in all directions of time and space.

Malkhiel, the Angel of Inspiration, will help you clear your thoughts and your emotions enabling you to hear see or sense what you are requesting of Angels and of Spirit to help you with.

This soft, yet powerfully inspiring Angel, is by your side the moment you have expressed a desire, a true heartfelt desire to know the answer to your question. Your question could be about something that would appear to be simple and straightforward yet it is significant to you.

If you are seeking an answer or guidance about the next step or steps along your path for you or an idea for your next painting, you need only ask Angel Malkhiel to help clear the way allowing Divine Inspiration to fill you from within.

A Message from Angel Malkhiel*

Look to the heavens for inspiration in all things no matter the size, the importance or the complexity. Look to the heavens, for the heavens symbolize the power within you to rise above, flow in and around that which is before you this moment. All challenges present you with an opportunity to accept the flame of transformation within you. All challenges present you with an opportunity to rise above just as smoke rises above the fire. If at times you feel the need to rest a moment as you journey along the path before you, breathe in light and unconditional love given to you for the asking by the Creator. Gift yourself with rest, taking a few moments to look around you, observing where you have been, where you are and where you desire to be. Acknowledge all that has come before. Give thanks for lessons learned, people, places and things encountered along the way. Accept you in all your glory for you are a child of the Cosmos. Ignite the spark within you, rise above, look to the heavens, look to your inner Self for all things are possible in the light. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

Know, trust and have faith all unfolds before you in ways have imagined and yet not able to completely comprehend in this moment.

Know you are treasured, loved and supported by Angels everywhere in every moment no matter if you are just beginning your Spiritual Path or you are already on your Spiritual Path.

It matters not where you are. The important, the most important thing is to begin where you are taking action one step at a time.

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