Angels – Ohrmazd Will Help You Release Limitation

Cíes Islands in Galicia

Cíes Islands in Galicia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is limitation? By definition, limitation is restriction, remaining within a set of boundaries that do not allow the free flow of energy, thought, love and financial abundance.  It is self-imposed and it manifests as restrictions placed upon you by someone else.

In the early years of childhood, parents are to set boundaries so that you are kept safe and learn what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. There comes a point in your life where it is time to begin choosing for yourself what acceptable behavior is and what no longer resonates within your heart center.

Angel Ohrmazd, whose name means Hope and Wisdom, will help you release self-imposed limitations and fear of the unknown. You need only ask to see clearly that which is holding back from all that you desire to create and release in your life.

As you seek to be shown the way before you, allow Angel Ohrmazd to help you see the light in all that is now behind you and all that is before you. Releasing patterns of behavior, thoughts and emotions that attempt to keep you in the past is very freeing.

A Message from Angel Ohrmazd*

What binds you to thoughts of limitation and fearing the unknown? Take a moment; breathe deeply releasing all thoughts of lack, releasing any fears of not having all you desire. Beloved child of light, seek love first within your Self. Have you tended and nurtured the garden of your desires, pulling any weeds, releasing stray thoughts of fearful doubt? Have you fertilized your garden of desires with loving thoughts, joy and harmony? Release limiting thoughts, release old wounds which bind you to that which is behind you. Release the fear of not having all you desire in your life; peace, harmony, love, prosperity, clarity, kindness. Release behaviors that bind you to what was causing frustration, dis-content. There is much abundance if you would but open your eyes to see, open your ears to hear. Reach for the sky, reach for the stars, reaching for all you desire in your life, releasing limitation in all its many forms. Be at peace for all is unfolding before you. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.MSc.

Experiences both positive and negative are now behind you. Which do you choose to focus on?

Freedom of choice and the freedom to move forward are gifts to be treasured and used wisely. The only thing or things holding you back are what is now behind you.

Choose wisely, for in choosing you either reinforce boundaries created when you were a child for self-preservation or you choose to shake free of the past and the boundaries that attempt to keep you where you are. The choice as always is yours. Choose wisely.

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  1. Blessings for this information. I will work with this angel in the future.

    Love and light to you always

    • Hello Anysia,
      Love and light to you.
      May you always sense Angels around you.
      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
      Terrie Marie the Angel Lady


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