Discover How to Reconnect Body, Mind and Spirit

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abbey church Michaelbeuern Archangel Gabriel by Meinrad Guggenbichler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tuesday, April 24th, 25th and 26th at 7:00pm New York Time

How to Heal and Release the Past Forever OnLine TeleSeminar  

Hello Bright Light!

Is there something, a challenge or an obstacle that you really want to heal and release clearing the way for new opportunities, new relationships and perhaps expanding your conscious awareness?

Hello, it’s Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc. and this is your personal invitation to join me for a special 3-Part OnLine TeleSeminar Series that begins on April 24th at 7:00pm New York time!

Oh, your calendar is already booked for these dates? No worries because all three calls are being recorded and you will be able to join us when it is more convenient for you. I do hope you will make every effort to join us for the love calls because you will have the opportunity to ask questions during each of the calls!

So what is this TeleSeminar all about? It is about helping you heal at a deeper level than ever before and releasing the past forever! Click on teh link below right away to register today AND save $50 off the full TeleSeminar fee of $97!!

Let me walk you through How to Heal and Release the Past Forever

 In this 3-Part OnLine Class  ……

*You’re going to learn how to heal your body and your Aura

*You’re going to discover how easy it is to cut and remove negative Etheric Energy Cords that are draining your Life-Force Energy

*You’re going learn how to stop unconsciously self-sabotaging yourself with limiting beliefs

*You’re going to experience Unconditional Love with Archangel Jophiel

*You’re going to discover how to reconnect your Body, Mind and Spirit and experience wholeness anytime you want

*You’re going to learn exactly how which Archangels to ask for healing your heart, protect you, relationship harmony, strength and unlocking the secret to unlimited possibilities

*You’re going to discover how to create renewal and regenerate your physical body, your Aura and your Spirit

*You’re going to discover how to release the past forever!

This is what My Students are saying about this workshop…

Terrie Marie, I have thought and thought about the wonderful door you have opened for me through this Angels workshop. Words aren’t adequate to describe how much this experience has helped me. I wish others would take this workshop so their journey can begin too. Thank you for getting me in touch with Angels! I loved our discussions about Spirituality. I feel like I have come home. I have such a deep sense of peace and understanding now. I talk to Angels all the time and eel that they are a positive presence to help me always. Sherry Lambert; El Paso, Texas

Very inspiring, opening my mind to Angels around us. Roy; El Paso, Texas

An enlightening, healing and touching experience for anyone looking for peach and love of self and others. Thank you Terrie Marie! Irma; El Paso, Texas


Bonuses Created Just for YOU:

*Metaphysical Laws and Principles HandOut

*Symbolic Meanings of the Color of Candles

*Burning Bowl Done-for-You Template

*Recordings of All 3 Calls (even if you can’t make the Live calls!!!)

**Special Upgrade Offer**

*Healing with Archangels: How to Heal and Release the Past forever Student Manual ($67 Value)

*MP3 Download Cut Negatives Etheric Energy Cords Guided Meditation (Value $17)

*Special Upgrade $37 click on the link below now*

Are you ready to invite Heal and Release the Past Forever?!?! If you answered YES … Good for you! To reserve your spot, click on the link below now and claim your spot for this one-of-a-kind 3-Part TeleSeminar Series!

Register by April 20th and receive a Bonus Gift just for registering early!

Once you have registered, you will receive your call-in and WebCast information for your How to Heal and Release the Past Forever OnLine Class.

I look forward to “seeing you” on the call!

To you and your path …

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

Ps…. Did I mention that not only will you be able to call-in for this TeleSeminar, you can also attend via the Internet and join in on the live WebCast! Click on the link below to register today!

PPS…there is plenty of time for Questions and Answers during each call! Remember, even if you can’t make the live calls, they are being recorded so you can Heal and Release the Past Forever!

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