Stand In Your Truth with Heart and Soul

Barn Owl in flight at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Truth is that which resonates deep within your heart center and within your Soul. It is about integrity with who you are. It is about having the courage to know what is real for you and what is not.

Are you aware of what your truth, your Inner-Spirit Truth is? In part it is all things, thoughts and emotions that, blended all together reflect the Spark of Divinity within your inner core, your Inner-Spirit.

It is that part of you that keeps you moving forward no matter how many times you want to say enough, I don’t want to play anymore.

This is not about giving in or giving up because the path becomes challenging at times.

This is not about feeling sorry for yourself or wishing your life was different.

It is about knowing the difference between having a moment of feeling overwhelmed or having doubt than simply refusing to take the one step you know you have to take because in reality there truly is no other choice except to move forward.

It is about knowing that you are walking your Spiritual Truth with passion, compassion and unconditional love for yourself and every other living, breathing creature.

Standing in your truth with heart and Soul means understanding and accepting you just as you are in this moment with all the dings, scrapes, all the bruises and all of the scars that tend to rise to the surface just in case you forgot how difficult it can be to simply keep stretching and stretching beyond everything you have ever known.

It means being able to reach out to someone when you have once again come up against another wall that threatens to block you from your dreams, from healing and even from fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

Be willing to get up again and again rising to the next challenge, the next hurdle that attempts to distract you from all that you came to do in this lifetime, in this place and in this time.

Take a step back, remember to breathe and know you are supported and loved beyond measure.

Use your gift of discernment to realize what is being manifested and what is a time of rest. Be willing to see beyond the moment, practicing gratitude for what is, while you always keep looking to the horizon for the next rainbow filled moment worthy of celebration.

Stand in your truth means accepting who you are and having the courage to speak your truth to yourself. It means having the courage to keep silent when you know your truth and your energy are unwelcome.

It means accepting that some cannot see you because the light that radiates from within is too bright causing you to be invisible.

Allow all you are to begin resonating with your Soul Vibration. Be willing to rise to the next level and the next and the next. Be willing to flow with Divine Energy instead of against it.

Offer non-resistance to those who would cause you harm. Hold firm to your truth from your heart center knowing that no matter what you are walking your Spiritual Path with integrity, passion, compassion and unconditional love and acceptance.

Standing in your truth with heart and Soul requires strength and courage to be true to you and all that resonates within you.

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