My Secret: I Never Wanted to Be Seen

Hello Bright Light,

Today during my morning walking meditation, I decided to step into the light even further by sharing my secret with you.

My secret is that I never wanted to be seen. I wanted to remain invisible. Yes, I wanted to be in the light I just didn’t want my light to shine very brightly. I wanted to stay out of sight and go about my daily life.

No matter who you are or what you came here to do, the truth of everything is that you are in physical form living in a realm of dense physical matter.

In this realm of dense physical matter or energy there is fear, doubt, confusion, envy, jealousy, pain and sorrow, heartbreak, betrayal and for many, including me, not wanting to be seen.

Another truth is this …. there is also harmony, balance, radiating light and love, giving and receiving love and compassion, prosperity, trust, healing, reaching through fear to the other side, courage, strength and shining so brightly some can’t even see you because the light hurts their eyes.

Why am I sharing this with you? It’s simple and scary and liberating all in the same moment. I am no different than you are. I have moments of fear. People have and probably will betray my trust and break my heart.

There were times when I allowed fear to keep me in a place or vibration that I absolutely hated because I was too afraid to do anything because I didn’t know what I would find.

The truth is I found myself. I continue to find myself each and every day. I do my best to be the best me I came here to be. Sometimes I fall down. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I get frustrated. Sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I want to give up.

My sole purpose, the one reason I agreed to incarnate into physical form is to help raise the vibration of this planet. I still have to remind myself to breathe and move forward.

Angels help me in ways that are not always easy to put into words. Finding the words that help me express what is in my heart and in my Soul in ways that help me connect with you are not always easy.

I want to help you transform you at your Soul level. I want to help you discover and explore ways that work for you. I don’t want you to change or be something different. You are whole, complete and perfect just the way you are right now.

The difference is being able to be comfortable not fitting in, becoming comfortable in your skin. The difference is allowing you to cut through the dense energies of all that no longer serves you because in truth it never really served you or your Higher-Self.

My secret is now out in the light. If you don’t have the courage or the strength, you can borrow some of mine I have more than enough for both of us.

Angels who are always with me make it easier to experience life in physical form. Angels guide me each and every step of the way. Angels comfort me in ways that I have yet to find words.

Angels help me dig deep to heal and release the need for acceptance from others because I have and continue to learn to accept myself.

As long as anyone, including you and me, is in physical form there will be times you will feel out of balance and out of alignment with your true self.

No matter how high your vibration or if you walk with and talk to Angels all day every day, you will still have moments you of fear, anger and even doubt.

I came here to help you live your purpose, to stand in the light and to share your light with others.

Long after you finish reading this, Angel energy is with you helping you shift your thoughts, emotions and your energy at your Soul level so that you too can dig deep finding the courage and strength within to be seen.

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


  1. Raphael's Legacy says:

    It’s been a while and have not taken the time, to explore that which needs to be explored. So much so that I was inclined to set aside a time where I could just wander

    To wander in search of that which can inspire the many that is the one. Net result; now that’s what I call a powerful, “power talk” Angle Lady Terrie Marie.

    What’s great is that I can just imagine this article being spoken out loud and to the accompaniment of a Shamnic drum, a Shamanic Rattle or even both.

    Best wishes, RL 🙂

    • Hello RL,

      With the ever changing vibration happening all around and within us, it was time to share that everyone, inclduing me, is affected in ways that compell us to stand in the light more fully with each breath, with each step.

      Have an Angel filled day my friend 🙂

      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
      Angel Lady Terrie Marie

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