Prayer Request for all the Animals of this Planet

Nature - Animal - Wildlife - White White-taile...

Nature – Animal – Wildlife – White White-tailed Deer (Photo credit: blmiers2)

A good quality example of a Dartmoor Pony. The...

Warning!!!...Tiger in training...:O))

Warning!!!…Tiger in training…:O)) (Photo credit: law_keven)

Prayer Request for all the Animals of this Planet

 Angels as for your loving intervention in the name of all animals everywhere for the following …

Angels we ask for love and compassion

Angels we ask for health and well-being

Angels we ask for comfortable shelter

Angels we ask for enough food and water

Angels we ask for safety and protection

Angels we ask for humane treatment

Angels we ask for healing of body, heart and Spirit

In full faith and gratitude …..


  1. Brandie says:

    I ask for prayer for my Gracie, for a Miracle healing and that this is an infection and not cancer. Thanks. God bless.

  2. Brandie says:

    Thank Baby Jesus we finally know what is going on with my beautiful and precious Gracious. She will be having surgery tomorrow morning. Please pray for all to go well, total and complete healing, no complications and that she is healed and back home in no time. Please also pray for Dr Lucas and staff, that Our Lord works through them and that they continue to be patient with me and in helping me. I prayed the 9 hour Novena prayer to Infant Jesus today that is for Miracles and we were blessed with one today in finding out what has been wrong with my baby girl. You should try it. God bless and keep us all in Jesus Name. I will come back soon with my praise report. I know we all well. :0)

  3. Brandie says:

    My little Miracle girl is completely back to herself. Even eating!!!!!!! There was a time I didn’t know if I was going to loose her and Our Lord just as He saved me from deaths door knocked down yet another door and saved my little one‘s life. Truly a Miracle that even the Doctor can not deny. Thank You Sweet Lord for remaining the God You have always been. Truly Faithful, Loving, all Kind, Patient, Understanding, The True Meaning of Strength and my Daddy, Savior and Uplifter. Thank You Blessed Holy Trinity for saving my baby. Thank You for saving me. I will always love and adore You. Thank You Mommy Mary and every Saint and Angel Above for interceding for us and carrying us to The Cross daily. I truly do love You. Thank You Lord. Thank You!!!!!

    Please be in prayer for Miley, Whoopie, and a list of others who need prayers and their loved ones. Thanks!

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