Angel Retreat – Angels Have Messages for You: 7 Secrets to Hear, Connect and Communicate with Your Angels

Hello Bright Light!

An Angel Retreat … what better way to welcome in the Age of Angels! This is the time of Angels. The closer we get to December 21, 2012, the more the energy shifts become stronger. It is more important than ever to invite Angels into your life!

What is an Angel Retreat and do you have to travel to El Paso, Texas? First let me answer your question about travel …. the Angel Retreat is being held in the comfort of your own home no travel necessary!!! It is an all-day OnLine Webinar Event.

The Virtual Angel Retreat is on Saturday, November 10th and begins at 11:00am New York Time. The Retreat is being recorded so you can listen to it as often as you like. This is an interactive retreat with Angel Meditations, Action Steps and plenty of time for your questions.

You are encouraged to ask questions during the Angel Retreat Webinar because asking questions always gives you a better understanding about the tips, techniques and tools I will be sharing with you AND you help others learn too!

Retail Value of Angel Retreat – Angels Have Messages for You!: $1,497

But you won’t be paying anything because this is my gift for you when you become a member of International Circle of Angels before November 9th!

Here’s what you receive with your All-Day Virtual Angel Retreat:

*How to ask questions clearly so you can easily recognize and understand the messages and guidance your Angels have for you

*In-Depth techniques, tips and practical Action Steps to help you get really clear, raising your vibration so you can hear your Angels messages

*Meet Your Guardian Angels Guided Meditation

*Done-for-You Handouts and Templates

*Invoke Angelic White Light Protection Guided Meditation

*7 Secrets to Hear, Connect and Communicate with Your Angels

*Question and Answer during each session

Angels are already speaking to you, giving you messages, guidance, protecting you and clearing your path. If you don’t “Speak Angel” you aren’t getting what you need and want!

The Angel Retreat is just the beginning of what you are going to gen and how you benefit by being a member of International Circle of Angels.

It’s all about in-depth classes on and about Angels. All the information, Angel Meditations the 7 Secrets to inviting Angels into your life and how to clearly hear, see, sense and know Angels are always with you, is channeled through me from Angels themselves for you.

In the beginning when I first became aware that the intuitive thoughts, guidance and answers to my questions were actually from Angels I doubted that it was real because the ego-chatter was saying … who do you think you are anyway? …

Once I accepted I was actually receiving guidance and messages from Angels, it was really easy. No one told me that I couldn’t talk to, hear, see and sense Angels and their incredibly powerful energy. This is what I want for you… to be able to do what I do with grace and ease.

Angels, your Angels are here for you and so am I! This is why I want to share my secrets, tips and techniques with you so you can hear, connect and communicate with your Angels!

If you have been wondering and trying to figure this out all by yourself, you don’t have to anymore. No more struggling, no more doubt, no more waiting!

Retail Value of Entire Program: $7,955

Because I really want you to be a member, I’m offering the International Circle of Angels MasterMind Program for only $444, that’s for 12 months! OR 6EZ Payments of $87 each. Actually, you are getting 14 months for the price of 12 months!

There is no other Membership Program like this and it’s for you so you raise your vibration and hearing, connecting and communicating with your Angels.

International Circle of Angels is a Brand-New 12-Month Membership Program! It officially starts January 2, 2013. BUT we’re not going to wait until then to start because on Saturday, November 10th I’m giving you, as a bonus, an all-day Virtual Angel Retreat and everyone who becomes a Member by November 9th is included!

There is so much more to share with you that I have created a special International Circle of Angels page with detailed information to give you all the details, benefits, what’s included and Bonuses just for becoming a Member! (Click on the link)

Join your Angels and me for an amazing journey with Angels by your side. We are here to support you each step of the way!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS…Join International Circle of Angels by November 9th …. it’s closer than you think … for your Angel Retreat Bonus gift! (click on the link) You also receive two EBooks as my gift: Rainbow Angels: Bridging the Realm of Spirit and the Physical Realm of Matter AND Wings of Spirit Angels Messages

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