Angels and Archangels – Archangel Chamuel Empowers You and Your Unique Message

You are unique; there is no one else anywhere that is exactly like you. You are a treasured, priceless jewel.

There is no one else that can or will walk the way you walk, speak the way you speak, love the way you love.

Only YOU can share the message you came here to share in exactly the way you came here to share it. Your thoughts are unique. Your emotions are unique. Your message is unique. You are unique.

Your energy, your inner vibration is what sets you apart from every other human. It is that simple and that complex all in the same moment.

Archangel Chamuel, whose name means, He Who Seeks God, helps you express your uniqueness with confidence and with a sense of empowerment from deep within your heart center.

He will help you see your own value and how being of service benefits your clients and customers, family, friends and yourself.

Once you accept who you are and the message you have to share, you will experience a sense of freedom and confidence to shine brightly, attracting to you all you need, want and desire.

Empowerment is believing, behaving, speaking and living from a sense of confidence, freedom, determination and commitment, that no matter what you will do what’s necessary and required of you to share your unique message in a way that is authentic, humble and filled with compassion, integrity, truth and light.

This Archangel helps you build a strong foundation for your personal and professional life. He will keep you motivated, taking the next step or set of steps bringing your goals and your inner vision into physical form almost as if by magic right before your eyes!

He will help you stay the course, focusing your thoughts, emotions and your energy as you share your unique talents and gifts with the world in which you live, love and play.

Archangel Chamuel helps you become aware of shortcomings, the obstacles that have, in the pas kept you stuck, using each obstacle or block as stepping stones.

Each stepping stone that is below your feet and now in front of you, raises your inner vibration, creating a strong, solid foundation for your life personally and professionally.

He empowers you so that you honor what brought you to where you are and where you are going. You are unique, a unique, priceless jewel who has so much to share with yourself and with others than you can possibly imagine in this moment.

Archangel Chamuel is powerful and compassionate. His sole task is to help you value your uniqueness through self-acceptance becoming a catalyst for change.

He helps you treasure your Divine Connection, honoring who you are, knowing you are free to shine brightly.

Be willing to step beyond everything you have ever known before this moment, stepping fully into your unique brilliance, expressing all that you are and all you are here to share with yourself, with others, with world.

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms, the Angel Mentor, helps Executives, Coaches and Entrepreneurs activate their Angel Dream Team Executive Board of Directors, raising their inner wealth frequency, accelerating their income, enhance the Law of Attraction, and improve relationships, transforming dreams into tangible reality!

Visit the Angel Lady’s website for free tips, how-to-articles and 3 Free Videos on Angel Archetypes and Your Inner Wealth Frequency!

“My Angel Dream Team has been helping me for several months now to clear the space of activities and patterns that no longer serve me in my business and personal life.  

Through eliminating these “non-value added” activities much clarity and simplicity has emerged on a daily basis.  

As a result, I have been creating new opportunities and working with higher vibration projects that are more fun and lucrative than anything else I’ve been doing previously.  

Thanks Terrie Marie for your amazing work!”

Peter, Founder and CEO “Empower Your Brilliance”

Copyright 2013 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide Angel Lady Aurora, LLC

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