Inner Vibration – Fear and Doubt Are NEVER the Truth

If you are like most of the men and women I have been blessed to speak with, you have probably been on your Spiritual Path for a while or maybe you have just begun your journey, exploring your Spiritual side.

In an effort to help everyone understand the perspective of what is being shared here and now, let’s take a few moments for a quick review of the manifestation process.

There are many ways to go about manifesting what you want, enhancing the Law of Attraction in your life and work. For the sake of simplicity these are the four steps that I’ll be referring to.

Step One: Dream or Desire – identifying what it is that you really want

Step Two:  Write out what you want in a positive way that uses “already have” or “now” language instead of using “future” language (hint the future never gets here)

Step Three: Declare or Set Your Intentions is a way of stating your goals or claiming your heart’s desires

Step Four: Magnetize Yourself is setting ego-chitter chatter aside, invoking the Law of Attraction and simply allowing what you want to become reality

There is something that is very important to share with you before we go any further. It is essential, necessary and imperative that you do your part.

Is it possible to simply be in meditation or say affirmations to attract and manifest what you want? Yes.

Let’s also be very clear about this — because of the mind-sets and beliefs most of have been programmed with and have accepted along the way, sitting in meditation and using affirmations alone to manifest what you want will require from you a level of trust and faith that takes a very long time to learn and accept as truth.

Doing your part is doing all these things AND then actively re-framing mind-sets and belief systems replacing the old, outdated mind-sets with new more supportive thoughts and emotions.

This is all part of claiming your good. No matter how much work you do, if you don’t believe in what you’re doing or in yourself, you are creating more doubt and fear than actually allowing the Law of Attraction to work for you.

Claiming your good is simply claiming what you have asked for in a way that creates space or a vacuum to transform thought, emotion, desire and energy into substance and matter.

It is about believing that you can have what you want. It’s also about letting go of fear and doubt that you won’t ever get what you really want.

Every thought, every emotion that is not in alignment with your desires, creates obstacles and energy blockages delaying what you really want to happen in your life and work.

You can say or write things like — I claim (fill in the blank) now.

Here’s an example if you were manifesting or asking for a new job or a promotion — I now claim my right and perfect job/ promotion. I am perfectly qualified. I am asset to (company / firm name) and have a lot to offer (company / firm name). I will learn many things. I also bring with me experience, positive energy and I am prepared to do what it takes to be an awesome member of the team.

A word of caution is in order. You cannot impose your will on someone else naming a specific person to be your partner or Soul Mate. You can claim your right and perfect for you partner and Soul Mate.

You cannot wish someone to lose their position, get fired or not get hired so you can have the position you want. You can claim your right and perfect position / promotion and manifest something better for the person who now has the position you want.

You get the idea. Claiming your good is about and for you. It isn’t about removing someone or something out of your way. It is about wanting the best for everyone concerned.

If you are in doubt about what you are claiming, take a few moments to think about if you would want someone doing what you are planning or thinking about doing, saying and claiming and how it might affect you in a negative way.

Whatever you send out into the Universe, in the form of energy comes back to you tenfold.

Here’s why it’s important for you to claim your good. If you don’t claim it as yours, it will take longer to manifest in your life and work. Claiming your good is another way of saying — YES! I am ready to receive that which is already mine!!!

Be aware of your thoughts and emotions because how and what you think and feel have a direct effect on how soon or if you will ever have what you want.

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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