Alignment – Facing the Terror Barrier with Courage and Determination

What is the Terror Barrier and how do you get past or through it in one piece instead of feeling like you have been beat up and spit out in a million tiny little pieces?

Sometimes it’s not possible to not feel like someone or something has ripped you to shreds and left you in a pile of tatters wondering if you will ever be able to put the pieces back together.

It can, at times feel like it’s just easier to stay where you are because the risk of not knowing what’s on the other side is just too frightening, scary or terrifying.

Making a decision to go beyond your comfort zone can be very intimidating and make you feel like you don’t have what it takes, the knowledge or the skills to do what you want.

Ego-chitter chatter can cause a wide range of anxiety, feelings of being nauseous and make you procrastinate till you are so frustrated that you simply do nothing, nothing at all.

When you do nothing at all because you feel paralyzed by fear, the Ego-chitter chatter wins by keeping you in your place, in a place of doubt and fear, chaos and confusion.

Allowing outdated mind-sets and beliefs to keep or hold you prisoner within a small confined space mentally and emotionally is a prison that leaves you without any options.

Here are a few explanations to help you understand what these terms mean:

Terror: extreme fear; a person or thing that causes extreme fear; a person whose excellence in a particular field of expertise intimidates others engaged in the same activity

Barrier: an obstacle such as a fence or brick wall that prevents access or forward movement; circumstance or obstacle that prevents communication or that keeps from your goals and dreams; something that prevents success

Comfort Zone: a sense of familiarity; a place of boundaries and limitation; free from stress or fear; a sense of fear of the unknown; not wanting to take a risk

Fear of Failure: not wanting to take a chance because the risk of not succeeding is too great; being afraid to try new things because the outcome is not guaranteed

Courage: the ability to do something that frightens, scares or terrifies you; strength in the face of pain, grief or fear; act on one’s beliefs despite danger or disapproval

Determination: having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change the decision no matter what; firmly decide no matter what

Comparison: estimate, measure or note the similarity or dissimilarity or between where you are and where you want to be; measuring your results against what others are doing

Have you heard the phrase — face the fear and do it anyway? — There is so much truth in those seven words. Face the fear and do it anyway.

Here’s what happens if you allow fear, fear of the unknown to stop you in your tracks …

*the space between where you are and where you want to be gets farther and farther away mentally and emotionally

*each time you choose to stay in your comfort zone, even if you don’t like where you are, you prove to yourself that you aren’t worthy or deserving of what you say you want

*the self-sabotage talk gets louder and louder until you can’t even remember what your dreams and goals were

This is what happens when you do reach deep within, face the fear of the unknown and do it anyway …

*you feel empowered because you tried something new and different regardless of the outcome

*you become stronger, your thoughts more positive and raise your inner vibration

*you begin to see your dreams and goals come to life, fulfilling your purpose

*being of service doing what you love and raising your wealth frequency

*believe in yourself no matter what is or isn’t happening around you

Facing the terror barrier with courage and determination is the key to having, doing and being where you want to be. It is the key to transforming your dreams into reality. It is the key to accessing your Higher-Self and your Angels, having more harmony in your life and work.

Each time you face your fears, the terror barrier that attempts to keep you prisoner emotionally and mentally, you become stronger, more confident and empowered beyond your current sense of knowing.

Face the fear and do it anyway. Face your internal terror barrier and breakthrough the constant Ego-chitter chatter with courage and determination.

If you need help facing the terror barrier and are determined to have a better life with more confidence, raising your inner vibration to the next level and beyond, I’d love to help you create a breakthrough by applying for a private, Breakthrough Strategy Session with me. Stop right now, click on this link and send me your application right now!

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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