Your chance to get a Free Ticket disappears at midnight tonight!


A few days ago I sent you a special announcement, offering you a way to get a Free Ticket to How to Create Your Ultimate Angel Dream Team Virtual Retreat, did you see it?

This is why I’m reaching out to you right now because I want to be sure you get this before the 28th of this month (February). That’s when this special offer ends, it ends at midnight!

I’m sooo excited because on June 21st — which is really much closer than it sounds — is a magical day! That’s the day of the Virtual Retreat !

This very special Virtual Retreat – which means you can be in the comfort of your own and connect anywhere you have access to the Internet or a Phone! — this is a TWO –DAY LIVE Virtual Retreat Event!

It’s the first time that I’ll be sharing step- by-step exactly How to Create Your Ultimate
Angel Dream Team

I’ll be walking you through step-by-step, sharing in-depth techniques, tips and my “insider secret strategies” so you can access your Angel Dream Team and receive Divine Guidance 24/7, trust your intuition and gut feelings, enhance your manifesting power and so much more!

Get your Free Ticket when you order your Ultimate Angel Dream Team HomeStudy Course. The value of this Two-Day Virtual Retreat is $1,997!

Here’s the link that gives you all the details about what happens for you AND what’s included (click here).

 free tickets 1a

Just one more thing, beginning March 1st, I’ll be announcing this Virtual Retreat to everyone everywhere BUT it won’t include the HomeStudy Course.

Click here to get your FREE Ticket today and get your How to Create Your Ultimate Angel Dream Team Complete HomeStudy BluePrint System and get started right away!

Wouldn’t you like to have direct access to Divine Guidance, connect with Angels, your Higher-Self  so you can have 100% crystal clarity about your life purpose, dreams and goals?

If you get started now, you’ll be that much farther ahead of everyone else!

Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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