Angel Dream Team – Archangel Uriel Helps You Create Your Own Reality from the Ashes of Your Past

We are often told or hear — let go of the past and just move forward with your life — or something similar.

That was a challenge for me, to simply let go of the past and move forward with my life. It took a lot of Soul searching, going deep within before I figured out just how to let go of the past so I could move forward and creating my own reality and not someone else’s.

Seriously, just like you, I knew, that the past keeps us stuck in the muck of sabotaging self-talk that makes us feel unworthy and certainly undeserving of living the life we only dream about.

Those two powerful words — let go — can and do create such a sense of frustration, irritation and incredible resistance because, no one really ever told us HOW to let go!

One of my teachers helped me really understand this complicated concept of letting go and simply putting one foot in front of the other and move forward with my life.

It’s also how Archangel Uriel can help us really understand what’s behind us, but continues to block our now, preventing us from building and creating the kind of future we really, really want.

Before we go any further, I’d like to share a little bit about this amazing Angel who is ready and willing to help us dismantle the past so it won’t continue to create road-blocks in our current reality which, if we’re completely honest with ourselves, affects our future and what we’re able to manifest and bring into our experience.

Archangel Uriel, whose name means, Light of God, is the Archangel who is most closely connected with Earth and its dense vibration of substance and matter, anything and everything that’s in physical form.

Everything is energy and energy is everything. Your inner vibration affects your thoughts and your emotions. Your thoughts and emotions affect your inner vibration which is then projected outward from within.

The energy frequency or vibration that we project is like a lighthouse that shines its bright light in the darkness of night so that ships can navigate away from danger.

Whatever you are thinking and feeling is a direct indication of what you are attracting or pushing away from you in any given moment.

This Angel helps us focus our thoughts, emotions and manifesting energies so that we attract more positive opportunities and relationships into our lives instead of all the rubbish we don’t really want, but seem to manifest anyway.

It’s up to us to use anything and everything in our past to build a strong, positive foundation so that we can raise our inner vibration and Divine Wealth Frequency.

Remember, we have to ask Archangel Uriel to help us, to intercede on our behalf, to adjust our inner vibration so we intensify the Law of Attraction in our lives to create or re-frame our current reality.

Making peace with our past, frees us to have different results. If we keep doing the same things over and over again, we are going to get the very same unwanted results.

When we embrace the past, but don’t allow it to consume or control us, that’s when we become free to express ourselves as whole, complete and perfect. Because in the eyes of Divine Source we are, and always have been whole, complete and perfect.

More specifically, when you ask for guidance, help, support or encouragement it’s essential that you are open to receiving what you’ve asked for.

It’s also important to be very clear about where you were, where you are and where you want to go. It’s about blending the past and present, creating our current reality differently that we did in the past.

If one of your biggest obstacles to having the life you want is breaking free of the past so you can have a brighter future, I’d love to help you create a breakthrough by applying for a private, Breakthrough Strategy Session with me. Stop right now, click on this link and send me your application right now!

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms, the Angel Mentor, helps Executives, Authors, Healers, Consultants, Business Owners, Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Visionary Leaders raise their wealth frequency with their Angel Dream Team Executive Board of Directors, raising their inner vibration, generate more income with every venture they start, enhance the Law of Attraction, attract more clients who are ready and willing to pay their fees, and improve relationships, transforming Dreams and goals into reality!

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