Inner Vibration – Knowing, Wanting, Desire, Trusting and Having Faith Are Not Enough!

It’s always interesting the ways in which Spirit delivers messages of hope, stoking the embers of trust and faith.

During the past few days, I have heard this several times … If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains … I wish I knew the source of that statement of faith.

In one 24 hour period, I was given the same number message — 444 — at least eight times. There are powerful messages from Angels, our Higher-Self and directly from Divine Source if we would only be more observant and trust what is being offered to us.

Being transparent and open with you, there are times I “forget” to trust and have faith. There are times I find myself with thoughts and feelings of fear and doubt which cause my inner vibration to be the opposite of where I want it to be.

I work at raising and maintaining a high vibration every single day. Sometimes this “work” is resting and taking a break. At other times the “work” is prayer and channeling new articles or working on my next Angel Book. My “work” also involves keeping a gratitude journal and affirmations.

Wherever your thoughts and emotions guide you, is your point of focus. Your point of focus attracts to you an exact match to your inner vibration mentally and emotionally.

It is truly as simple and complicated as it sounds. Whatever you are thinking and feeling, you are attracting. This is the Law of Attraction in its’ simplest form.

The truth of what you desire and what you are attracting is a reflection of where you are vibrationally and what is now behind you.

Think about it for just a few moments. Really take a deep breath and be very honest with yourself. What are you thinking about and how are you feeling about what you are thinking?

If your thoughts and emotions are not a match for what you want, what you have been saying you want to attract into your life, it’s time to start being very aware, consciously aware and mindful of exactly what you are thinking and what you are feeling.

Your primary or predominate thoughts and emotions about what you want become your point of attraction. It is Law, Universal Law, plain and simple. What we focus on expands.

If you are afraid of anything or anyone, you are attracting more fear and doubt, chaos and confusion into your life and experience.

Do whatever it takes to turn your thoughts and emotions into better feeling thoughts and emotions.

So why aren’t knowing, wanting, desire, trust and faith enough? Because without believing in yourself, everything becomes more of a stumbling block to attracting more of what you want and so much less of what you don’t want.

Knowing, wanting, desire, trusting and having faith are only the beginning. If you harbor resentment, envy, jealous or anger about anything, about anyone or even one experience, you are causing delay in manifesting all that is already yours.

Each and every time we doubt our dreams, doubt what we have to offer is of little value, we create mental, emotional and energetic blocks to having what we say we want.

Every complaint, every frustration at someone who isn’t responding the way we think they should or at something that isn’t happening fast enough, we delay the physical manifestation of everything we have prayed and asked for.

You must believe beyond a shadow of a doubt in the deepest part of your thoughts and in your heart so that all the pathways are clear allowing all that is already yours to simply “appear as if by magic.”

If there’s a part of you that doesn’t believe in yourself and in your dreams, that it can really happen for you, I’d love to help you create a breakthrough by applying for a private, Breakthrough Strategy Session with me. Stop right now, click on this link and send me your application right now!

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms, also known as the Angel Whisperer, has an Extremely Alternative and Highly Effective way of showing Heart, Soul and Spirit-Centered Men and Women how to show up more powerfully in their life, work and business  when they access their Ultimate Angel Dream Team!

As the Angel Lady, Terrie Marie specializes in showing her amazing clients how to directly access and receive Divine Guidance through their Higher-Self and Angels to raise their inner vibration, Divine Wealth Frequency, change thought patterns, enhance the Law of Attraction and magnify their manifesting power.

Her clients also discover and explore practical, easy-to-use techniques, tips and tools to increase prosperity and abundance, have more harmony and less stress and trust their intuition and gut feelings with a heightened sense of empowerment and confidence.

The subtle, powerful insights that Terrie Marie teaches, create life-changing transformationsfrom the inside out reaching amazing men and women in Australia, South Africa, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom and Mexico, Brazil, Belgium New Zealand.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms. has the unique ability to connect and communicate with Angels which makes her a highly sought after Angel Mentor and Angel Whisper.

Whether the Angel Lady is being interviewed or speaking to International audiences, her high energy ignites the atmosphere with her empowering message, unconditional love, and intuitive insights. She creates sacred space to transform goals and dreams into reality.

Copyright 2014 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide Angel Lady Aurora, LLC


  1. It is so great to find your blog on here …I have been speaking into these messages and learning to blog in the last couple weeks…I am looking forward to reading all your messages…Heart to heart Robyn

    • Hello Robyn,
      Thank you for stopping by!
      It’s a pleasure to “meet” you 🙂
      Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!
      Transcend the Ordinary,
      Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

      • Heart to heart… thanks for taking the time to respond I feel our frequency brought us together..New Earth.. Timeless ageless ..eternal..looking forward to following your posts Robyn

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