Once in a while it’s not only necessary to shake things up, it’s essential!

Antique Himalayan bowls (text taken from accom...

Antique Himalayan bowls (text taken from accompanying text at Singing bowl) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what do I mean by SHAKING ENERGY UP?

Here’s what I do … I beat a drum (I have a drum I made a few years ago with my beautiful Apache Sister Yolanda). I will walk around my home for however long Spirit guides me to do so, beating the drum “shaking the energy up”.

It could be 3, 6 or 9 times I walk around in my home beating the drum, stepping into each and every room.

Here are some other ways or things you can use to “shake energy up” …

… Singing bowl

… Tingshas
… Pot and wooden spoon (use the wooden spoon to beat the bottom of the pot)

… Sing

… Dance

… Clap your hands

… Stamp your feet

The whole point of “shaking energy up” is to become more focused, aligning your thoughts and emotions with your intentions, your dreams and your goals. It is also about “claiming your good” and in a way “demanding” demonstration in the form of manifesting physically.

Yesterday, I used my beautiful drum, walking all around my home into every room 3 times. Ii felt like the energy had shifted I know it made me feel like I had shaken things up.

This morning I shifted things up a bit … instead of going to the gym like I usually do after I write in daily gratitude, I chose to spend the early morning in my beautiful garden.

There were hummingbirds who danced in mid-air not 5 feet away! The breeze was cool and soft, a few butterflies fluttered by, birds were singing and I simply sat in one of my favorite spots writing 3 pages of blessings that I am grateful for.

Then I wrote a letter to my Angels thanking them for their support, healing, comfort, protection and their guidance.

I feel as though I have taken a mini-getaway and it was only 60 minutes!

Now I’m ready for a very busy day with a sen

se of peacefulness. I am grateful to feel so aligned with my purpose of being of service, impacting and transforming lives … including my own.

I am grateful to be sharing this journey with you!

How will you shake it up today?

Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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