Just Simply Let Go





Have you heard or been told to just simply let go and things would start to happen as if by magic?

Well, you know what … that’s exactly how it happens. Sometimes happens — you know that thing you want so very much — when you let go of the outcome, all of a sudden that thing you’ve been wanting to manifest appears right before your eyes!

It can feel like magic or even a miracle when it does happen because we’re no longer attached to the outcome. Yes, it’s often much easier said than done!

This is what just one of my students is saying about what they’re learning or discovering about themselves …

“One of the things I have learned from training module one is to be Very Clear and Specific about what I desire. It’s ahrd to just stop at one thing because I gained many other nuggets that helps me in being very clear and specific. They are as follows:

I must dare to dream!

I must bring the spiritual into my thoughts and emotions.

Understand pre-paving …

I could go on and on. It’s just good and it brings many things we know into perspective again.” Yutosha Alston;  Health Coach, Juice Plus; South Carolina



So how do you just simply let go? I’d like to help you see what the root cause of not being able to just simply let go looks like.

It’s all about control or feeling like we have to control everything happening around us in every area of our lives.

Just like so many of us, I was taught that I was in total control of how I felt, what I did and more importantly how things turned out.

Over the years I have substituted the word control for the word manage. Yes, Okay to some it just sounds like a sidestep or burying my head in the sand using a different word.

In a way that could be a truth for you, it isn’t a truth for me and here’s why. It’s so much easier, meaning lots less stress and tension when I am managing what I think, how I feel and how I show up.

This is the way I just simply let go … I take 3 deep breaths and let them out very, very slowly and repeat … I let go I let go I let go. Sometimes I’ll take it a step further and write out what I am letting go of and then burn the piece of paper.

Watching the paper burn and seeing the energy literally be released into the Universe is very freeing.

These are two of the many ways you’ll get access to when you choose to follow your heart’s desires to get really clear about what you want and make a decision to join me by signing-up for Manifesting More Prosperity with Your Angel Guides.

Let me be crystal clear … this program isn’t going to be offered again until June 2015 so if you are even thinking about taking charge of your life and creating a new reality, really what are you waiting for?

Registration for this 90-Day Group Mentoring Program will close in few days. Please don’t be wishing you hadn’t missed out and have to wait another 11 months.

There’s always a reason not to do something … what are you willing to do to stop manifesting the wrong things — all those situations  and experiences that cause more lack and delay  — and start manifesting more of what you want with the help, support and Divine Guidance of your Manifesting Angel Guides?

My sole intention, my agenda is to show you exactly how to cut through what’s been blocking you, getting in the way of living your purpose and following your dreams!

Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

P.S. Registration for this 90-Day Group Mentoring Program will close in few days. The next time it will be offered is 11 months from now, June 2015! Please don’t be wishing you hadn’t missed out and have to wait another 11 months. Click here for all the juicy details AND to sign-up before Ego-Chitter chatter takes over!

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