Creating Your Prosperity Funnel


Have you been seeing the posts about …

… Material Abundance

… Relationship Abundance

… Health Abundance

And finally … Spiritual Abundance?

Just in case you missed them, here’s a quick re-cap …

*Material Abundance is about having all your needs, wants and desires met easily and consistently … you get that, right?

So to do that it’s all about becoming consciously aware of how you think, what you say and the actions you take or don’t take.  The Law of Attraction cannot bring to you what you don’t believe you can have. It’s that simple and that complicated!

*Relationship Abundance is all about the most important relationship you could ever have … the relationship you have with yourself.

Let’s be very open and transparent … there was a time I totally didn’t like myself and felt completely unlovable. What and who I attracted into my life was a mirror-reflection of that oh so-in-the-basement, lack of self-worth I believed was truth.

So again, if you don’t believe in yourself, your dreams or that you’re worthy of having what you want, you won’t get it. Pure and simple.

The next place or space we — my Angels and I — took you through was Health Abundance.

It has been proven over and over that what you think and how you feel affects your physical health.

Whenever I felt unsupported by family, friends and even at one point by my own Angels, my lower back would spasm. My body was literally crooked, I couldn’t really walk or sit comfortable for days, sometimes weeks. It was awful! It matters how your thoughts and emotions treat you!

Last but not least is Spiritual Abundance which to some, may teeter on the very edge of being woo-woo because it is so intangible. It’s not something you can see, feel taste or measure physically.

Harmony, feeling affluent, connecting with Source and your Prosperity and Abundance Angels, being content and at peace are the true measures of Spiritual Abundance.

What does any or all of this have to do with Creating Your Prosperity funnel?

Everything! If even one area of abundance is out of balance, every other area of your life is out of balance and blocked.

So if you’re serious about figuring out how to Create Your Personal Prosperity Funnel click here to get your complimentary — no cost to you — Prosperity and Abundance Breakthrough Session with me.

Just so you know when we — my Angels and I — accept individual clients, my “hourly rate” comes to $650 per hour.

And these Breakthrough Sessions are normally $497 – but, I’m waving this fee for a short time.

These complimentary sessions always go really quick, click here now, so you don’t miss out, or give me a quick call at 915-203-2531 to schedule your session today.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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