Did you get yours?


Because of the demand, I’m being nudged — by my Angel Dream Team — to open a few more spots — only 8 more — and then that’s absolutely it, we’re finished for this year!

What’s this all about … year-end Angel Readings to help you get ready for 2015 which is an “8” year — financial prosperity and abundance.

The one-time-special offer is $97, a savings of 80% (regularly $497).

So if you’re like so saving money AND you have questions for your Angels click here now while there’s still time.

Here’s what the number “8” means …

… financial prosperity and abundance

… it’s the symbol of infinity

… it also represents the Law of Attraction, what goes around comes around AND what you give or project is what you get back

Just like you, I’m getting ready for 2015 too, so once these extra spots are gone, that’s it. I won’t be adding anymore spots for private Angel Readings.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … Click here to get one of these limited spots while they last. How many spots are there — 8 — that’s it!  No hype, just me saying things the way they are.  2015 is an “8” year. The number “8” is all about finances … prosperity and abundance. Get ready for what’s coming up next for you!

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