Ok Ok I surrender. I absolutely had no intention of doing this but …

I truly didn’t want or plan to send one more email about this.

I offered Year-End Angel Readings for only $97 (regular fee is $497) which ended on December 23rd.

This is me being open and transparent and surrendering to guidance with you about this … it still feels a bit out of integrity, but … I’m getting nudged by my Angels because so many of you didn’t open emails because of the Holiday yesterday.

So here’s what I’m doing … surrendering and following guidance, and extending this offer just for today and only for a few more hours then it’s gone till who knows when.

This is it!

Please do not email, text or call or even message me on Facebook and ask for the special Angel Reading fee of $97. Sorry, but I just won’t be able to accept any requests after today at 9pm US Eastern Time.

It’s also about being in integrity and honoring everyone who has already purchased and booked their Year-End Angel Readings. If you want one then Click here and get ready for 2015 .

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