At Last, the Secret to Healing Your Deepest Fear is Revealed

What is your deepest, darkest fear?

I’ll tell you a few of the deepest, darkest fears that used to run my life and my business …

… not being able to make it on my own

… Ego, my human-self would become “full of herself” about connecting with Angels so easily and effortlessly

… wanting, but not getting approval for who I am and what I do from family and friends

… being seen as a fraud

So what’s the big deal, everyone has issues, challenges and problems … right?

Well … the big deal is this … anyone of the issues that I shared with you filled me with such fear that I wasn’t able to trust my own inner-guidance or the messages I was receiving from my Angel Guides.

How awful to have such an amazing and powerful connection with Angels and to be filled with so much fear that I doubted nearly everything, especially my own natural intuitive gifts to help others.

The first thing I just had to do was figure out how to heal this “stuff” at the deepest levels possible.

It was like there really was no choice because I had said “yes” to discovering my true purpose and then living it full-out and all-in.

I read book after book, did the exercise and it helped … but … there was always the “left over” feelings and thoughts.

I still hadn’t gotten it all … yet. UGH!

So what’s the secret? It is a combination of meditation, journaling and writing letters, lots and lots of forgiveness letters.

There is something very cathartic about being able to fully express everything you feel in a safe and sacred environment.

In the beginning, I didn’t really believe this simple and unusual formula really worked. That thought created doubt which only delayed the results I so desperately wanted and craved.

The biggest secrets are …

… trust

… faith

… belief

… surrender

So, take a page or a few pages from my personal Angel Lady handbook and silence Ego-chitter chatter with love, forgiveness and compassion.

I have a very special gift for you — 6 Simple Set Me Free Steps — it’s a Free Report that I’ve created just for you to help you get a jumpstart on dealing with that “one thing” that keeps you from really having the success and prosperity that you want. Click here now to get your Free 6 Simple Set Me Free Steps Report!

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