Melchizedek Angel of Spiritual Growth and Expansion

Right about this time, five years ago — as I’ve already shared with most of you — life as I knew it was about to change abruptly and dramatically.

Moments before the “world as I knew it” turned completely upside-down and inside-out … I just KNEW something awful was about to happen and it involved me.

Immediately, I text my Madrina (Spiritual Godmother) and asked for help staying grounded and for strength. She text me right away with this message … “it’s okay miha Melchizedek is with you. Everything will be okay.” That was all she was given for me.

Melchizedek is one of my constant companion Angels helping me with my business path, and stepping beyond my comfort zone … repeatedly stepping out beyond everything I have ever known.

Sometimes his energy is or feels quite brutal especially when I’m not listening closely enough to guidance.

At other times, his energy is subtle, like a benevolent big brother keeping watch … you now … just in case.

Here’s how Melchizedek can help you …

… protect you from stumbling on the path that’s in front of

… make the right and best decisions for you, your business and your Spiritual Path

… along your Spiritual Path, removing obstacles and dissolving challenges

When you find yourself faced with a difficult decision — business, personal or Spiritual — ask this Angel to help you discern fact from Ego-chitter chatter and illusion from truth.

The next step is to trust what you receive. Remember, you can ask for clarification and / or confirmation to be sure the guidance is from Melchizedek or your human-self … Ego-chitter chatter coming from a place of fear.

So far, we have shared little known information about …

… Gesele, Angel of Divine Life Purpose and how she can help us clear our mental and emotional energy to have a “clearer view” of what is happening on our Spiritual Path

… Archangel Metatron and his being the Keeper of the Akashic Records and being able to help us access ancient mystical teachings

… Archangel Michael and his ability to protect us from negative energy and clear our thoughts, path and emotions

… Melchizedek Angel of Spiritual Growth and Expansion and how he can help us with major decisions and nudge us when we’re not really paying attention to guidance we requested

This is just a sample of what’s waiting for you or someone you know … more about that tomorrow …

— But —

if you want a “sneak peek” click here now … and … no more waiting!

OH! Asariel the Angel of Knowing is the Angel we’ll be focusing on tomorrow!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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