What Is Spiritual Darkness?

Doesn’t that sound and maybe even feel like it’s the exact opposite of what Spirituality is all about?

And yet, Spiritual Darkness is very much a part of the overall process of inner-enlightenment.

Without the darkness, our inner-expansion and growth would be less measureable.

So what exactly is Spiritual Darkness? Here are a few familiar names or terms …

*Dark Night of the Soul

*Ego-chitter chatter creating massive resistance

*Self-sabotaging beliefs and behavior patterns

*Fear of failure and or success

Spiritual Darkness shows-up as obstacles and challenges, blocking our path, creating …

… fear and doubt

… lack, limitation and delay

… chaos and confusion

It is an ending, a deep cleansing that practically requires self-reflection before we begin to re-emerge through varying degrees of transformation and ultimately, re-birth.

For there to be lasting growth, there must first be a shedding or letting go of …

*negative energy in any form

*anger, hurt, unforgiveness

*who we used to be, the masks we put on to appease others, trying so hard to conform and fit in

*the “box of lack and limitation” we put ourselves in trying to convince others we aren’t greedy or selfish … and seeking approval outside ourselves

*fear of the unknown

Think of it as a tunnel or bridge from what once was into what is … we are always becoming who we are.

There are many journeys into and through the darkness. There are varying degrees of intensity. Some are like subtle speed bumps and others cause us to feel as if everything around us is literally falling apart.

This falling apart is a blessing … it will be … as this Spiritual Darkness detour is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new chapter along our path.

We get to walk away from all that no longer serves us and embrace our truth. As we embrace who we really are deep within, we become more consciously aligned with our Divine Life Purpose.

The whole purpose of navigating Spiritual Darkness in whatever form it presents itself to us is to walk our path with complete authenticity, enabling us to fulfill our purpose of helping others achieve the same for themselves.

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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