[Case Study #2] How Angels Help You with Your Life Purpose

A few days ago we shared a case study with you about how Marianna connected with her Angel Guides.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick review … by being willing to practice imagining a bubble of pink light around her and learning to discern if she what she was feeling or sensing was really coming from her or if the energy was coming at her, Marianna was able to raise her inner-vibration.

Today, it’s all about how Angels can help you with your Life Purpose.

Sometimes what our Life Purpose is, isn’t easy to figure out. We all have a sense of doing something more with our lives, to make a difference in this world helping others.

Knowing what our purpose is essential to fulfilling our purpose. This is the most challenging thing many of us face during our life-time.

This is how Marianna figured out what her Life Purpose is with the help of her Angel Guides …

… first, Marianna raised her inner-vibration and she practice being consciously aware of what was happening around her, especially when she “asked” for guidance from her Angel Guides

… the more she noticed what was happening within and around her, the clearer her thoughts and emotions became

… as she was able to discern the difference between Ego-chitter chatter and guidance, the more balanced her energy was

… Marianna started receiving intuitive thoughts and felt guided to try new things that she had wanted to try but wasn’t sure if these new things were part of her path … the right path for her Life Purpose

Each time we take a step towards figuring out what our purpose is, the closer we are to that deep sense of knowing within our heart center. All we need to do in the beginning is to be willing to step out beyond our fear of the unknown.

The more Marianna worked with her Angel Guides, the more things, people and unexpected opportunities started “showing-up” for her.

So many of us are so “busy” trying to figure out exactly “HOW” all of this — our Life Purpose — is going to happen, that we become “blind to our strengths” and we miss the intuitive trail of clues we are being given.

Marianna took a Leap of Faith by making a conscious decision to put into action and practice what she was learning and she was able to connect with her Angel Guides more often.

She said to me one day, that after she stopped doubting that she was special enough, little by little, messages started coming to her and to her it felt like someone had “pulled back the magical veil” between her and Angels.

We humans tend to make things much more difficult than they really are. We tend to get in our own way and muddy the “energetic waters” with doubt and fear by listening to Ego-chitter chatter.

The more we accept that we really can magnify what we’re already getting from our Angel Guides, the easier everything else becomes.

One of the most frequently asked questions is about being on the right path to fulfilling our Life Purpose.

You’ll want to watch your in-box, because in 2 days, I’m going to answer that question … how to know if you’re on the right path for you.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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