14 Angel Intuitives are standing by to …

… take your call, live, answering your biggest questions about …

… why you are here

… how to let go of fear

… how to connect with Angels

… heal with Archangels Michael and Raphael

… Spiritual space clearing

… answering your call

… releasing pain and restoring hope

… Chakra energy balancing for your family

… healing your heart center

… what’s holding you back from your wealth

… why there is so much struggle with your relationship with money and prosperity

… exactly what intuition is

… how many Guardian Angels you have

… what’s holding you back from being seen and heard


That’s just a sample of what 14 amazing Intuitives are waiting to share with you during the FREE Angel Intuitive Summit happening April 11th through April 15th.

One of our amazing Guest Intuitives, Gale West, is going to help us connect with the Divine Essence of Money and your Money Angel so you can heal your relationship with money.

So many amazing women and men have a difficult time balancing their desire for prosperity and abundance and being Spiritual. I used to believe I had to choose … I made my choice to have and be both … Spiritual and prosperous.

When we allow ourselves to heal our relationship with money from the inside out, it’s so much easier to live our purpose and make a difference in this world.

You are going to joining us, aren’t you for Angel Intuitive Summit April 2016? It is going to be transformational on so many levels … you will never be the same … isn’t that the key to moving forward towards what you want and away from all that you don’t?

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


PS … Angel Intuitive Summit starts Monday, April 11t through Friday, April 15th. We have 14 amazing Guest Intuitives who are excited and eager to share their expertise with you! Click here to claim your virtual seat now. AND all our Guest Intuitives will be taking LIVE calls, answering your questions!


  1. keiyana says:

    Love and light… I sincerely appreciate stumbling upon this site I honestly feel like it was no accident and I look forward to our interaction and Future… This is all new for me but I’m supremely excited thank you for your time and effort thank you for this website thank you for your guidance

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