Please add your healing energy with mine …

Plz add your compassionate healing energy with mine…

Angels we ask that we seek within our very Soul that space where we KNOW we are all ONE no matter the color no matter the beliefs no matter the practices of others.

Angels we ask to “see” our many differences, acknowledge what is and choose to “see” beyond ugliness, violence and hatred no matter the reason no matter lessons taught by the unawakened.

Angels we ask for healing first for our hearts that have been broken, shattered and torn apart.

Angels we ask for healing for all who share this planet Earth … soften hearts and minds of all who walk, crawl, hop, slither and fly …

Angels we ask for harmony, peace, balance, healing and acceptance for one another and for ourselves so that all may walk the land in peace, with full belly’s, love in our hearts and gratitude in our thoughts.

Thank you. So be it and so it is …


  1. Maranda says:

    A very necessary prayer at this time! So be it & Amen!

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