Registration closing are you In or Out

Hello beautiful Soul,

Well, here we are … last call to join us for Angels, Crystals and Your Aura … registration is closing in about 6 hours and the next time we’ll be offering this Angel class is in 2017.

In this 90-Minute Angels, Crystals and Your Aura online class you will discover and learn how to …

#1 – Meet and Connect with 8 Aura Angels to Align Your Energy and Your Dreams: You’ll meet and connect with 8 amazing, powerful Aura Angels to help you have a deeper Spiritual connection with your Inner-Intuitive Self, increase your sense of empowerment, heal relationships and reach through the Fear of the Unknown to reach that next higher level f vibration

#2 – Discover 8 Crystals to Help You Tap into Aura Angel Energy: How to tap into crystal energy to connect more clearly with all 8 Aura Angels. How to use, meditate with, cleanse and recharge your crystals, tap into Aura Angel energy to re-align your inner-vibration with your dreams to fulfill your Life Purpose with prosperity and abundance.

#3 – How Your Aura Projects a Positive or Negative Vibration: You’ll earn how your thoughts and emotions affect your Aura and why you sometimes feel bombarded with negativity from situations and others around you. Explore 2 ways to heal, repair and strengthen and renew your Aura, protecting you from unwanted energies.

If you’re wondering what the “BIG DEAL” about your Aura … it’s the first line of energy defense against negativity in any form that attempts to attach itself to your physical body.

When we are out of alignment no matter the reason, our Aura becomes weak from the inside out. If not repaired, strengthened and renewed … it becomes dirty, dingy and dull, rendering it less capable of protecting us in the way it is intended not to mention making to more of a challenge to connect with our inner-intuitive Self and Angels.

There is less than 6 hours to register for this class Angels, Crystals and Your Aura. It is the one time we are offering this online Angel class in 2016. Of course you could always “wait” till next time.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


PS: Today is the last day to register for Angels, Crystals and Your Aura our newest online Angel class. Connect with 8 Aura Angels using crystals to repair, strengthen and renew your Aura. Registration is closing soon. Angels, Crystals and Your Aura … register today or wait another 12 months till this Angel class is offered in 2017.

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