7 Archangels You and Your Energy

A couple days ago, I shared part of my personal journey with you. About how my beliefs were challenged and honestly, I felt like quitting. It’s not easy admitting this to you but there it is. Wasn’t feeling very supported by the very Angels who guide me and it was pissing me off!

Honoring what I was feeling led to a much deeper cleansing. You see, when you choose to step-up and show-up differently, things often change dramatically.

What used to be working stops which leaves this ENERGY BIG VOID and if you don’t finish clearing out the ‘rubbish’ the same ‘junky stinky’ energy will pour right back in!

That’s where 7 Archangels come in to finish the clearing from the inside out so you can be in balance and sense your way to the next step.

You see the Angels … your Angels and these amazing Archangels are always with you, guiding you, supporting and accepting you for who you are right now without judgement. They want to help you and so do I.

Archangel Crystal Attunement

[tap here to get yours now]

Because Angels are everywhere and aren’t restricted by time or space, you can be in-person here in my home OR we’ll through video conferencing and you’ll be able to see where your energy body will be and the crystals that will be utilized to draw-in the energy of 7 Archangels. We’ll set ‘Sacred Space’ so that only Archangel Energy is allowed to come into your energy.

Archangel Michael is one of the 7 Archangels so you KNOW you’ll be safe and protected during the Archangel Crystal Attunement.

In case you haven’t had a chance to view the video about the Archangel Crystal Attunement, you can do that now. It’s very short and gives you a chance to connect with me to see if this is a ‘fit’ for you.

Don’t allow fear and doubt OR someone poo-pooing your dreams or ideas, distract you or shove you off your path!

Case in point … when Jenna shared a new idea with her family, they immediately started in saying things they thought were being helpful but in reality, just triggered her sense of not being enough, not being good enough.

Jenna was sharing the idea she had ab out a new product she felt guided to create and start offering her community. The reaction was, well, less that supportive. She was ‘asked’ why she wanted to create THAT who would want something like that?

Thankfully, Jenna knew that she was being triggered and reached out to me right away. We scheduled her Archangel Crystal Attunement and she was able to get the clarity and support she needed to take that next step.

She felt relieved it wasn’t all in her head; she found the courage to take the next steps as they were being revealed to her. And within 48 hours of taking action, she received her first order!

An Archangel Crystal Attunement will cleanse and balance ALL your Chakra’s, strengthen your Aura … 7 Archangels are literally ‘showing-up’ to weave their amazingly powerful, subtle energy to remove all negativity from within and around you.

It would be as if you’re taking a VERY DEEP breathe of the sweetest smelling mountain or ocean air, filling your lungs and simply letting go of everything that you no longer want or need in your life.

You don’t have to keep feeling like you’re stumbling over your own energy blocks. Believe me I know what that feels like … it’s awful, frustrating and really reduces the flow down to a mere trickle OR clogged up.

The Angels and I can help you if you’ll allow it.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

The Angel Lady Alchemist Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


PS … we’re already booking Archangel Crystal Attunements in-person and remote or distance sessions. Don’t wait to get yours tap here now. The sooner all that negative energy gets dissolved and cleared the sooner you’ll begin to attract more of what you desire to you.

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