Mother Mary Oracle: Protection Miracles & Grace of the Holy Mother

Mother Mary Oracle: Protection Miracles and Grace of the Holy Mother

Hello and good day beautiful Soul this is the Angel Lady Terrie Marie and today I want to share one of my most favorite sets of cards and even though Mother Mary isn’t exactly considered an Angel, she is the Queen of Angels.

And I’d like to share a little bit about these cards with you. They’re so amazing. This is the back of all the cards and even though we’re not going to go through every single one I want to show you the artwork on these amazing cards look at this the energy the artwork the detail the colors are phenomenal.

When I want to touch in with her energy, Mother Mary’s, and that of the Angels all at once then these are the cards that I use to give myself a personal reading.

I’m only allowed to use them every so often so that I don’t get too attached to not be consulting my own Angels who I work with every day and tune into my own intuition I hope that makes sense for you.

That’s not saying that you can’t draw a card from your favorite Angel deck or Tarot deck or animal totem animals for animal medicine to give you some focus for the day.

I’m not saying that but there was a time and so now I just do this every once in a while or as guided. These cards are absolutely beautiful look at these look at the artwork on these beautiful cards I saw this deck and just absolutely had to have it.

Well there you have it beautiful Soul, look at that amazing the artwork this is one of my favorites I love roses and my first business was called Desert Rose Healing Arts and so Our Lady of the Rose Crown has some special meaning for me because roses are unconditional love they are filled with beauty and grace, color, synergy and remind me of Archangel Jophiel and all of her amazing unconditional love wrapping around me.

Okay one more, Our Lady of the Holy Fire, this could mean that the Angels or Mother Mary are helping to burn off what you don’t need what is no longer resonating or what no longer serves you just as an example.

This is one of my favorite cards again look at all the roses and depending upon where I am, most often it speaks to I am becoming more of who I came here to be stepping more into the light and stepping more into my own value so that I can fulfill the purpose of my mission.

All right beautiful Soul let me show you OH we want to show you the book really, really quick. Okay so you can see this book has fabulous information in it in case you need help or want help in discerning the messages from the cards themselves so this is Mother Mary Oracle guidebook and you can get your own set by clicking on this link.

Until next time beautiful Soul this is the Angel lady Terrie Marie sharing with you just one of my favorite favorite decks of cards bye bye for now.

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