What Do You Really, Really Want?

Hello beautiful Soul,

Have you noticed … I mean REALLY, REALLY noticed what’s going with energy these days? Heavenly Days!

With this being an “11” year, the energies are feeling very intense for me and they probably are for you too, especially if you are an Empath like me.

This being an “11” year EVERYTHING is manifesting faster! Yup, even the ‘stuff’ you don’t want is showing up faster too.

So how can you stop the seemingly-never-ending cycle of getting what you don’t want?

Easy …. Get really clear, accurate guidance and answers to the “how” piece for your path AND get your Chakra’s cleared … it takes clarity of mind, emotion and energy to get ahead of the naysayers in your own head.

You know, those thoughts and emotions that clog your brain with the ‘can’t do that because’ OR the ‘who do you think you are anyway’ …. OR EVEN WORSE … ‘go get a real job and stop playing around with your life!’

No matter where you are and what you’re feeling and dealing with, there’s always the next higher level of vibration we all — yes, even me — want to get to.

Here are two sure-fire ways to get a head-start on being and staying ready to get clear of so much icky-sticky yucky energy that’s just in your way …

#1 – Channeled Reading: Getting super clear about where you are and how to get into your flow, just really takes the HEAVINESS right out of everything … it does for me when the Angels, Spirit and I get together. I know exactly what steps to take and when AND even when to NOT do something …

All Channeled Readings are private session … just you, me, Angels and Spirit. It will be a video recording so you can refer back to it as often as you want to see how you’re doing with Channeled Guidance that’s just for you. AND you can ask as many questions as time allows.

#2 – Chakra Clearing and Balancing: When all the negativity that your physical body and Aura collect, is cleared and balanced, there is soooo much more freedom in everything you do and want to do. If you’re not quite manifesting all you know you could, then chances are super high that your Solar Plexus is the where things are getting stuck.

When there’s a block in just one of your Chakra’s that slows the flow in all of your Chakra’s … it’s not like being able to just turn the tap off in one area of your energy flow. Energy doesn’t work that way. It’s either flowing or it’s getting stuck or worse, the flow is barely a trickle.

#3 – Channeled Reading and Chakra Clearing and Balancing: Imagine having an insightful and enlightening Channeled Reading and then getting all that junky energy removed from your Chakra’s … now that’s incredibly powerful … even if I do say so myself!

Getting really clear about where you are and how to get to that next level of energy, and on your path and then getting a ‘green light’ clearing and balancing your Chakra’s AND your Aura too … very nice!

Let’s get you tuned-in and your energy tap back-on so you can do more and have more clarity as you’re doing it.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,
the Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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