Introducing …

Conversations with Angels: Raise Your Inner Vibration Mentally and Emotionally

Are looking for ways to … clear negative energy … figure out what your life purpose is … and … finally get why some of your prayers are answered and others seem to be completely ignored?

That’s exactly what this book is about and for AND it’s directly from Angels themselves like never before.

Terrie Marie asks the Angels questions that we all want the answers too and what we can do to help ourselves have more by raising our inner vibration.

When it comes to overcoming our fears and challenges, we often rely on material resources that do not offer the desired level of effectiveness for such important matters. Many people believe that there´s some kind of universal procedure to ensure that our goals are met after being set, but they forget that what actually holds power is not in the material plane, but far beyond all time and space.

Now on Amazon: Soft Cover Print book and Kindle: get your copy here


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