It’s easier than you think it is …

Crystals are one of Mother Earth’s many treasures that she shares with us. Crystals have a fascination about them … their color, shape, the inclusions and even tiny crystals and rainbow prisms within them.

They help us connect to something that is deeper and higher in vibration than we are most of the time. To hold a crystal in your hand, can change the way you feel in any given moment.

Long ago, when my heart was shattered into a million plus pieces, I would hold a big piece of Rose Quartz in my left hand while I was meditating and even while watching TV. I knew that the energy of the Rose Quartz was filling my body with loving, healing energy. This was way before I was aware of Angels being with me.

Crystals help us connect to our inner-intuitive self, our Higher-Self, Source itself and to Angels who are ready and waiting to help guide, protect, support and encourage us every step of the way.

As an Empath, you already know it’s not easy being a bit different from what’s considered to be ‘main stream’ especially these days when there’s so much happening all around our planet every single moment of every single day.

This is why we are re-opening Angels, Crystals and You to help you and other Empath Sensitives just like you, manage the energy they feel and to get even more connected to their Angels so they can get the answers to their questions and TRUST what they’re getting.

It’s even more than that … it’s having your own personal 24/7 relationship with Angels and Crystals so that you can tap into any time, night or day with confidence, knowing you are never alone.

Angels, Crystals and You

[Learn more here]

Here’s what you’ll get when you say ‘yes’ and join us …

*Knowing which Angels and Crystals help you with what you want help with right now

*How Angels help you know you’re on the right path for you ….

*What questions to ask and HOW to ask them so you get clear answers and guidance

*How Crystals raise your vibe and protect you from negative energy

*and ….

Okay, there you have it … tap here for all the juicy details and bonuses and when you choose to join us, you’ll also get access to ALL the class recordings. The monthly membership fee is just $27. You can cancel at any time. Or, maybe you’d like to be one of our LifeTime Members for $147 (2 easy pays of $97 each).

If you have questions or aren’t sure if this is the right fit for you, send me a message with your questions, and I’ll happily answer them

Angels, Crystals and You is an amazing, fun way to get to know more about Angels and how you can create your personal 24/7 relationship.

Much Love, Light, Peace, Purpose and Passion,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


PS … If you want to really get into Angels more than you already are, then this is for you. There’s so much we’ll be sharing in the days ahead with members of the Angels, Crystals and You … check it out here it’s just $27 a month

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