At its highest of level of vibration transformation …

Is waiting for you … BUT … if you wait too long … opportunities fade away, disappear.

What’s even worse, those kinds of opportunities may not ever come back your way.

Yes, others will be along … how much sooner could things have begun to show-up for you if only you had started showing up for you sooner?

I used to feel and think exactly that way … it’s okay it’s not really time yet … well, I learned the hard way and it has taken me years longer bcuz I didn’t want to face the very feelings that I didn’t really know how and where to start  getting really clear about what to do, how and when to do it.

I always follow guidance .. and yes, in the beginning I didn’t ‘catch’ 75% of it bcuz I was so deep into the “I can’t bcuz … malarkey self-sabotage”

Do not let this be your story too … I can show you the way bcuz I have been there and right now, I am up-leveling again …

THIS is what Portal Two: Deepen Your Connection with Divine Source is really about … it’s about getting your connection channels cleared out AND how to keep them clear no matter what is happening within and around you.

Let’s do this! Sign-Up Here >>

It’s time to take Your Life to the Next Level of Fulfillment, Contentment, Harmony and Joy, Prosperity and Abundance …..

… Unless you really are not interested in doing, having and being more

Join us on September 20th and 27th for a Two-Workshop Series Energy Portal Two: Deepen Your Connection with Source

Much Love, Light, Peace, Purpose, and Passion,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Learn More >>

PS: The next time this — Portal Two: Deepen Your Divine Connection — is being offered is February 2019 and it will be $297 … so if you’re ‘thinking about waiting’ okay, do that. If you’d rather get these intro prices of only $247 and save … then the time to do that is now …

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