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BluePrint for Energy Portal Three:

Enhance and Empower Your Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Powers


October 18th Workshop:

*Identify Your Most Powerful Intuitive Gift or Psychic Power

*Clairaudience – Expand Your Physical Hearing to Discern the Difference between Spirit and Monkey-Mind Ego-chatter

*Claircognizance – Trust What Your Sense of Knowing within Your Inner-Self

*Clairsentience – Discern What You Sense and Feel through Emotion and Energy

*Clairvoyance – Access Your Inner-Sight, Trusting What You Receive

October 25th Workshop:

*Easily Receive Divine Guidance through Meditation

*Access Angel, Messages, Symbols and Guidance through Dreams

*Aura Gazing – How to See, Read and Interpret Auras

*Explore, Access and Activate Crystal Healing Energies

Plus, when you make the decision to step into your own power and engage in this experience, you’ll get access to the following bonuses at no additional cost:


*Bonus Gift #1: Digital Download – Energy Portal Three Student Manual

*Bonus Gift #2: MP3 Audio Download – Inner-Awareness Guided Meditation

*Bonus Gift #3: Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Power Characteristics Reference Guide

*Bonus Gift #4: Aura Gazing Template

*Bonus Gift #5: Color Reference Guide for Aura Gazing

*Bonus Gift #6: Aura Gazing Interpretation Reference Guide

*Bonus Gift #7: Digital Download HomeStudy Course: Secret Energy of Crystals Revealed

*Bonus Gift #8: Private Facebook Group

Register Here Starts TODAY!

Total Energy Portal Three Value: $1,297

BUT You won’t be paying THAT much!

Today it’s only $247 (or) 3 easy pays of $101 each

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