Sensitive Entrepreneurs Guide to Survival

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet: A Survival Guide for the Sensitive Spiritual Entrepreneur is the Angel Lady Terrie Marie’s newest and very compelling book.

This book is for the discerning Spiritual Entrepreneur who wants to get out of their own way.

It has a step-by-step guide with a Done for You Template and a series of Action Steps to help Sensitive Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Inside these pages Sensitive Spiritual Entrepreneurs will Discover …

*The 5 Biggest Mistakes Spiritual Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them

*How to Tell the People Around You What You Do So They Support You

*8 Ways Spiritual Entrepreneurs Measure Success

*How to Find the Right Support and Community to Grow Your Business

Angel lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms. wishes she had had access to this kind of information to help her when she first started her online Spiritual Business. She had to figure out so many of the pieces and how they all fit together.

She is open about having struggled for many years, trying to fit-in with main-stream marketing practices, techniques and strategies.

They worked for her, but only to a point because most of what she was being taught and highly encouraged to implement, didn’t really resonate within her heart-center. She felt salesy and pushy rather than coming from within with authenticity.

Terrie Marie freely admits she made many mistakes along the way. She wrote this book with purpose and intention to help as many Sensitive Spiritual Entrepreneurs to:

*Discover More About Themselves, Who They Are and What They Do

*Find the Courage to Speak their Truth with Empowered Confidence

*Create a Magnetic BIO that Speaks to Potential Clients

There’s an easy to use Done For You Template to How to Tell Others What You Do So They Support You. It’s a beautifully written, step-by-step template to guide Sensitive Spiritual Entrepreneurs like you.

This book was written as a result of the Angel Lady’s personal journey as a Highly Sensitive Spiritual Entrepreneur, figuring out how to work within mainstream marketing channels are remain true to who she is and what she came here to do.

Terrie Marie feels everyone is and has a beautiful Soul. Part of her SoulPath is to help others find themselves, the courage and determination, courage and commitment it takes to live their SoulPath, following guidance from Angels and Spirit. And to live their purpose with abundance and contentment.

Get your Free Copy Here >> Tap here for instant access

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