Rainbow Obsidian Karmic Release Energy Protection Grounding Aura Protection

RAINBOW OBSIDIAN Stone of Inner Journeying

Rainbow Obsidian helps you raise your inner-vibration through a journey of inner-self-reflection.

Going within is not always an easy task, discovering and uncovering the BlindSpots that cause blocks at nearly every turn, no matter what you do or how hard you try.

This seemingly, simple, subtle natural stone, is a very powerful wayshower from the shadow self into the Light where you’re able to see things differently.

It helps you heal lingering emotional pain from past hurts with compassion.

Rainbow Obsidian removes blocks, clearing and detoxing negative energies held in the physical body.

It is a powerful emotional energy protector and dissolves negative Karmic patterns. This is an important Stone Helper along anyone’s path of inner-enlightenment.

Rainbow Obsidian helps you ground while clearing and protecting your Aura, cleansing and aligning all Chakra’s simultaneously when held in between both hands during meditation.

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Resonates and aligns all Chakra’s; especially resonates and activates the Root Chakra; heal deep emotional wounds; clears emotional energy body; removes blocks; detox physical body of negative energy

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