You’re Invited to the “LIVE Collab_Code” Show!

Hello beautiful Soul,

I’m concerned for you. Truly, I am!

There’s something going on in the online entrepreneurial space…
Would you love to become an “Instant Celebrity Entrepreneur” … well you can and that moment is here.
And I want to be sure you get in on this!

You see so much around you – hordes of entrepreneurs all in search of more “info… info… info” (brains!) – stuck in “learning” mode, but not turning that learning into earning.

Struggling to follow outdated or cookie cutter info that just makes Zombie-Preneurs all look and sound the same.

There’s a simple solution.
It’s one you already see me putting into action in my own business – in fact, it’s likely how you ended up on my list and seeing this email!

But it’s not something many people are sharing… and I’ve never seen it put into a powerful 5-phase simple to follow system like this one before.

You need to see this.

I just signed up for the “LIVE Collab_Code” show – it’s streaming online totally free.

Michelle Shaeffer and her team have brought together an AMAZING lineup of guests to share what’s working right now to build your business collaboratively.

You don’t need to “kill” the competition!  Because in truth, there is no competition.
There IS a better, faster way to grow everything in your business – content, leads, community, partners and sales.

These are the REAL “shortcuts” – instead of building your community and clients the slow way, one at a time, they’re sharing how to borrow big audiences and create value that attracts clients like crazy!

Featured guests include…

Arne Giske of $100/k a month with FB Communities Fame and the brain behind Group Funnels

Laura Roeder the Founder of MeetEdgar – who’s even spoken at the White House about entrepreneurship

Lilach Bullock – Oracle’s Social Influencer of Europe (yes, the whole continent) and expert in content marketing

Steve Olsher of Reinvention Radio and New Media Summit fame, the world’s foremost reinvention expert

Rhonda Swan of Unstoppable Mama, Two Comma Club Member and creator of the Sexy Brand Building Formula

Molly Mahoney of The Prepared Performer, Camera Confidence Coach, and Facebook Live Ninja

Shameca Tankerson, Founder of the #WeSlaySales Movement and #PowerPlayers

Kristi Dosh – ESPNs first female sports business reporter and contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and POPSUGAR magazines

And more! Did I mention I’m excited about this?

If you’ve ever heard Michelle interview, you already know, she’ll ask the questions you really want to know – this is unscripted and nothing is off limits.

So, tune in – don’t miss this – and turn up the excitement, visibility, leads and sales in your business – in a way you’ll feel good about and with strategies you’ll fall in love with because they work.

Go here to grab your spot NOW:

{get your free virtual seat here >>}

IMPORTANT: They’re giving away some amazingly helpful free content for early birds, leading up to the broadcast, so get your spot in time to get access.

Get registered and I’ll see you there!

I’ll be there, in Denver for the Live Broadcast right in the Studio!

Much Love, Abundance and Passion,
Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

P.S. This event going to be PURE value:

{reserve your spot now >>}

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