Learn How to Tap into the Magical Power of Crystals can …

… help you remove unwanted negative self-talk.

The power and determination of conscious mind chitter-chatter still amazes me! All it seems to get triggered is the smallest ‘bump’ and low-energy and away it goes. There are specific Crystals to help you turn that frustration and self-doubt about giving yourself-permission taking that next set of steps is nothing less than magical. 

The ability of ‘pretty rocks and stones’ to dissolve negativity is a quick way to trans-empower you and the way the rest of your day unfolds.

Have you done research online, only to find EVERYONE says the same thing that really tells you very little … it’s like getting a thumbnail or snapshot and wondering whether that’s all there is. And worse, what’s missing that most people don’t even know about!

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

I’ll show you how to pair the right Crystals for specific results so there’s no wondering if you’re doing it right or worse, almost experiencing what you intended, it just didn’t quite happen.

*Simple ways to work with 11 Power Crystals for greater clarity and insights, knowing which Crystals to pair together, adding to your sense of empowerment and in taking that next step confidence.

*Develop your skills and abilities in using crystals to help you funnel your thoughts and your energy into your life and business.

*Assist you in focusing your energy, intentions, thoughts, manage your time, quieting conscious mind chitter chatter from negative self-talk and sabotage.

How to successfully tap into the Magical Power of Crystals, Spirit and your Guides elevating your inner-sense of balance, belief in yourself and dismissing resistance, giving yourself permission to taking those bold next steps to success.

Much Love,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Master Crystologist

PS …. Workshop Dates: Thursday, NOV 7th and Friday, Nov 8th

Times: 11am Pacific to 1pm Pacific / 2pm Eastern to 4pm Eastern

Yes, Replay access (both sessions are being recorded)

There are Bonus Gifts that will help you retain what you learn AND you’ll have lifetime access to the live workshop videos.  Join us here

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