Do you have a collection of Crystals?

Are you drawn to and collect Crystals, Minerals and Stones? Then we have something in common because I absolutely love collecting, learning and working with Crystals too!

Here’s your personal invitation to join us and we’d love to have you join us in our Private Facebook Group – Crystals, Angels and Chakra’s. 

We just did a Livestream on how to create Wealth Expansion Bowl. The Live is a step-by-step how to do this and have the best energy in place.

Here’s the link to join us .. we’re having conversations and sharing photos (tap here to join us)

The intention and purpose of this group is to learn more about Crystals, Angels and Chakras. 

Here’s what you can expect …

*Crystal Feature Videos 

*Crystal and Angel Meditations once a month

*Articles on Crystals, Angels and Chakras

*Special offers for Workshops and Etsy Shop Sales

*Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Feature Videos and Pics

Please share this with your friends that also love and collect Crystals, Minerals and Stones. 

Come and join us here >> Crystals, Angels and Chakra’s 

Much Love and Infinite Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Master Crystologist, Intuitive Channel Mentor

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