Etsy Shop sale ends in 48 hours

This super-savings Flash Sale ends soon. Nope, no hype (don’t like it!). There are just a couple days left to get in these drastic savings!

Why such a deep savings (50% with any purchase of $100)? Well, I’m getting ready to go to the biggest Gem and Mineral Show in the US, yup, Tucson!

this is your chance to ‘clean-up’ so to speak (hehe) and get your hands on some really spectacular Crystals, Minerals, Crystal Wands, Pendulums … Singing Bowls and Smudge Essentials …

**Save 50% with any purchase of $100!***

#2 – Stilbite Fan Cluster – Dreams and Dream Recall Love Compassion Aura Clearing Chakra Healing Clarity Inner Peace Conscious Awareness. Stilbite helps clear negative energy from your Aura. (tap here for more detailed info)

#3 – Celestite – helps clear your physical environment of any unwanted energies, which creates a more peaceful, tranquil feeling in your home or office. (LAST ONE! I will NOT be getting more Celestite)

#4 – Smoky Amphibole Quartz – Past Life Insights Multidimensional Awareness Hematite Grounding Angelic Presence Chakra Healing Manifest Energies. I absolutely LOVE working with my Amphibole Quartz! 

Time is moving pretty quickly … well, you could ‘wait’ but then there’s a chance that the ‘piece’ you want will have been adopted … it’s NOT always a ‘sign’ that it wasn’t meant to be … just sayin’ … 

Much Love and infinite Blessings, 

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Master Crystologist and Intuitive Channel

PS … Once the ‘word’ gets out, these beauties are going to be ‘adopted’ quickly … take advantage of the 50% savings (with $100 purchase) before time runs out … (shop sale here)

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