Do you have a Crystal obsession? I DO!

Hello beautiful Soul,

Are you ready to Discover Exceptional Crystals, Minerals and Stones for your Collection?

We’re NOT talking about the usual, everyday Crystals, Minerals or Stones that most shops offer. Crystals are hand-selected for their high-vibe, energy and quality.

The intention of the Crystal of the Month Club Crystal Pairing Checklist(s) is to show you how to use a variety of different Crystals, Minerals and Stones together to empower your intentions, energy and more fully tap into the energetic gifts  Crystals have to offer you.

Crystal of the Month Club … different, unique, hand-selected, quality, high-vibe Crystals and Minerals and Stones.

That’s all I’ve got … we’d LOVE to have YOU join us beautiful Soul!

Much Love and Infinite Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Master Crystologist, Angelic Realm Channel, Author

PS … this months special Members ONLY Crystal is Black Tourmaline in Milky White quartz Matrix (aka Tourmalinated Quartz) here’s a HINT of its unique Metaphysical Properties – clears the Aura of negativity, creates a protective shield against EMF,, helps dissolve ingrained or imprinted self-sabotaging beliefs. Want one? NO, not going to be available in our Etsy Shop … this is just part of what makes this, the Crystal of the Month Club, special … 


  1. Thank you very much 💖 Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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