Crystals to Help You with Energy Healing

Hello beautiful Soul,

Are you or do you know an Energy Healer or Ligthworker who likes / loves crystals?

These Crystals make wonderful gifts. Crystals are magical when it comes to being able to help transmute energy that’s bogging down a person’s natural energy flow.

Crystal Energy Healing is a powerful way to raise your inner-vibration, remove energy blocks and restore the natural flow of your energy or Chi.

Every Crystal beauty has its specialty, just like you have a uniqueness about you that no one can duplicate … your energy, your inner-vibe is one of the ways that you can take care of you or the Energy Healer and Lightworkers you know …. Especially important during such *crazy energy* times.


  1. You are so right, Angel Lady Terrie Marie! They are a wonderful idea for a gift 💎 💎 💎👍 Thank you for your post ✨ ✨ ✨

    • You’re welcome … Crystals do make a really nice gift for someone who loves Crystals or is just getting into them.
      I’m giving *me* a Crystal gift this year :-))

      • That’s a great idea. I used to give to my mom, but she always misplaced them. 😂 💎💎💎 So I keep them myself. They are better safe.

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