Something Special is happening – Morning Manifestation Mastery

As the Sun sets each day, it is a reminder that what has or hasn’t happened during the day is now coming to an end or sense of completion.

As the Sun rises the next morning, it brings with it fresh promises of new beginnings.

Many, many years ago, I wondered what the *something more* was and I’ve discovered along the way that there’s always *something more* we can let go of, clear *spaced* for and create that *magical something more* with a few moments each day.

My mornings start with journaling, connecting with my Guides and my inner-self before Charlie *my conscious mind* wakes enough to start his idle-chit-chat.

A couple weeks ago, I asked a few beautiful Souls with whom I’m blessed to share the path with if they’d be interested in joining me for something new … 30-Day Morning Manifestation Mastery … and the answer was a BIG YES!

This is *your* personal invitation to join us and be a part of something special. Tap the button below to learn more about 30-Day Morning Manifestations Mastery and say *yes* and join us.

Did you know that we’ve moved the Crystal Boutique to Shopify?

Here’s what else … 

  • NEW and Restocked  Crystals from Brazil, Madagascar, Morocco
  • Bracelets to help you raise your vibe while you wear Crystals
  • Apothecary for Energy Clearing for your Sacred Space, rituals and Full Moon

We’ve also created Collections that make it easier to discover Crystals to add to your personal collection like …

  • Calligraphy Jasper
  • Candle Quartz
  • Sea Jasper
  • Yellow Calcite

AND Crystals by Intentions for example …

  • Astral Travel
  • Intuitive Gifts
  • Dreams
  • Empaths
  • Manifestation
  • Past Life Healing and more

Bottom line is this …. if you haven’t yet come visit us or signed-up on our mailing list, you’re missing out on lots and lots. 

Come on over and join us, we’d love to reconnect with you.

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