Have You Met Mystic Merlinite?

Introducing Mystic Merlinite

I’ve always been intrigued by the Master Magician, Merlin and the Energy Alchemy he’s known for. 

Alchemy is the shifting or transformation of dense energy into lighter, higher-vibration energy. It is reducing what no longer resonates by creating *space* energetically, mentally and emotionally.

Mystic Merlinite is an amazing *blend* of light-and-dark, with subtle shades of *gray* bringing together multiple layers of light and energy.

The first time I held Mystic Merlinite in my left hand, I could feel my inner vibration begin to shift. I started working with Merlinite or Indigo Gabbro 2 years ago.

When your inner-vibration is higher, you’re able to *see* differently, *sense* Guidance that would otherwise slip right by you simply because that specific Guidance is vibrating differently than you’re able to *catch* in the moment.

Mystic Merlinite is also known as Indigo Gabbro, the Wise Soul … that’s an apt description of what Mystic Merlinite has to offer, an ability to go within, tapping into and connecting with your Inner-Intuitive Self and Your Guides, simultaneously.

Working with Mystic Merlinite:

  • PHYSICAL CONNECTION: Hold Mystic Merlinite in your left hand, write what you notice … the colors, the patterns, roll your Touchstone in your hand, slowly, feel the weight, the shape.
  • MEDITATION CONNECTION: Gazing at your Mystic Merlinite Touchstone, listening to soft music, candles lit, breathe in and out, as deeply as you can. Feel your physical body begin to soften with each breath, drop your shoulders and just *be* in the moment.
  • JOURNALING: Write out what you desire to release, to *lift-up* inner-vibration to the next higher-level of energy for any area of your life (personal or professional).

ENERGY CLEARING: Put Mystic Merlinite in your pocket while you’re walking, at the gym or work. Allow yourself to connect with your Touchstone

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