🦂 Hello Scorpio! We’ve got something special for you.

🦂 So much going on within and around you, like, all the time! You’re an Intuitive Powerhouse which can lead to feeling overwhelmed especially when there’s so much to figure out. Your sense of curiosity knows no bounds … still, take time to stop, breathe and connect with your inner-self more often.

🦂 Scorpio Traits:  

  • Intuitive Powerhouse, Curiosity, goes deeply into everything
  • Shaman Archetype which is all about inner-journeying, introspection, discovery and ultimate transformation on so many levels simultaneously
  • Magnetic personality, Charismatic, expresses creative energy in unique ways
  • Attract More Intense Life Experiences than other Zodiac Signs
  • Pluto helps you through major transformations, transition and rebirths
  • Mars tends to bring out the ‘driven’ warrior energy to just move through stuff

🦂 Is there a *Scorpio* you know who’d like special *just for Scorpio* Crystals? Birthdays are a great time to surprise someone you know and care for … we’ve got some rather intense energies coming very soon and these Crystals are sure to help smooth the way.

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