2 Heart Chakras 1 Crystal

Two Heart Chakras One Crystal … is it really possible to tune into both of your Heart Chakras with just one Crystal?

Actually, yes, it is. Himalayan Pink Quartz is found only in the higher elevations of the Himalayan Mountains. Tibet is a source of amazing calm, serenity, unconditional love and healing energies. 

Holding a Himalayan Pink Quartz in your hands, yes both hands at the same time, for even 10 – 15 minutes, can fill you with an unconditional love-energy vibe that it’s possible to heal deep emotional wounds.

Colors are subtle, just like the energy. It is strong enough to reach long-forgotten emotional wounds without overwhelming you.

Step One: Hold Himalayan Pink Quartz (aka Tibetan Pink Quartz) in both hands for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step Two: Close your eyes, beautiful Soul. 

Step Three: Breathe in deeply, as deeply as you can, then exhale as much as you can. Find ‘your’ rhythm for breathing in and out.

Step Four: Slowly and allow thoughts or emotions to come up for you. You can say something like this “I see you. I release you. You are free to go. Thank you.”

Pop by say ‘hi’, like, share this post so that more beautiful Souls like you get to see this … it may be exactly what someone you know is looking for.

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